Best fifa games of all time

1.FIFA 17

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FIFA 17 is a sports video game in the FIFA series developed and published by Electronic Arts. The new features in FIFA 17 include new attacking techniques, physical player overhaul, active intelligence system, a set piece rewrite and a new single-player story campaign mode, "The Journey".
  • Steven Carlson

    by Steven Carlson

    I think FIFA 17 is the best version of the FIFA series. The new games modes they introduced to FIFA Ultimate Team like the Squad Building Challenge an More

  • ZINAN null

    by ZINAN null

    Best gameplay of any fifa ever. Every new feature was great too

  • Tyler Rice

    by Tyler Rice

    FIFA 17 is the latest available FIFA game on the market today. It's a great game that has many games in its franchise, with a long-lasting fanbase. FI More

  • by Ananya Kapur

    FIFA 17 is the best one out at this time. Campaign mode made for hours of entertainment.

2.FIFA 98

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FIFA 98 was the first FIFA game that included the World Cup simulation for the Championship of 1998. It was a major game changer that had improved graphics a smooth gameplay and many major improvements that made this game a classic. It was the first to include licensed music with themes of Blur and The Crystal Method and an improved indoor game mode.

  • Howard Kelley

    by Howard Kelley

    They don't make em like they used to. Fifa 98 was truly the pinnacle of footie games. The amazing 3d graphics on the n64 and amazing roster really mad More

  • Jason Payne

    by Jason Payne

    The old games really bring it all back . A place to buy sell and trade with like minded people !

  • Shaurya Mehra

    by Shaurya Mehra

    FIFA 98 was a game available on the Nintendo 64. It's a title that really helped kick off the FIFA franchise and is still around today. I remember pla More

  • Bruce Chapman

    by Bruce Chapman

    I think that Fifa 98 was one of the greatest Fifa games of all time. I never liked playing soccer games before it was released but my friends and I fo More

3.FIFA 94

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Fifa 94 was the first game of the series. It was the first game that used isometric view during the gameplay instead of aerial or lateral viewing mode. Although you only could play using national teams, the game was a revolution in football simulation for game systems in that era.


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  • Ralph Walker

    by Ralph Walker

    FIFA 94 changed gaming for me, especially sports games. The ability to pick game type and even changing the weather was amazing. It did not have every More

  • Phillip Murphy

    by Phillip Murphy

    This is a classic FIFA game from 1994. Free to download right now, this is great!!

  • Jesse Hughes

    by Jesse Hughes

    One of the original and best sport POV games. While the graphics haven't stood the test of time, the gameplay itself is just as addictive as ever. Thi More


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FIFA 16 includes for the first time in the game history female players. It also shows a game improvement with great and realistic graphics and gameplay. The career mode gets the best from past editions with new features.

  • Virginia Carpenter

    by Virginia Carpenter

    As a soccer fan, I think its a priority to to buy and play FIFA16. Even if your not a fan of soccer I think this game shows that you can be competitiv More

  • John Watson

    by John Watson

    If You like Fifa this has all that you could want in a game. I am able to play as all my favorite players, and make my own teams, great experience.

  • by Jacob Allen

    This is the EA FIFA game from 2016. Another great game in the FIFA family of games!!

5.FIFA 97

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Fifa 97 is the third installment of the Fifa series. It wasn't a game changer but is one of the most romantic and joyful play experiences. It included Indoor Football, that continues for a couple of games. Fif 97 came with audio commentaries by famous TV reporters like John Motson.


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  • Mark Evans

    by Mark Evans

    This is a bad solution because FIFA 97 would not be voted the best of all time. Their has been 20 more FIFAS launched since then. Some of the kids now More

  • Ismael Galicia

    by Ismael Galicia

    Soccer games are a great way to simulate the real thing. FIFA 97 is one of the best Fifa games of all time because of how real and joyful it is to pla More

  • William Day

    by William Day

    EA FIFA 1997! This one is not the best, but happy to add it to my collection!!

  • Adrián Leal

    by Adrián Leal

    One of the all-time classic FIFA video games. FIFA 97 redefined the soccer game genre and still carries a cool, retro charm.


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FIFA 18 is a sports simulation video game created by Electronic Arts Sports. It was released in September 2017 and is playable across different platforms. It is the 26th installment in the FIFA video game series.

  • by Jessica Jones

    The graphics for this game are realistic, although still "rubbery". There is very little information about the game play, but lots that you don't care More

  • Virginia Owens

    by Virginia Owens

    I've seen gameplays and trailers. It isn't until after this one that we may get more changes.

7.FIFA 96

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This iconic game for any sports games fan is the third entry in the FIFA series. Also, we have a piece of gamer history here: it was the first game of the series to feature real-time 3D graphics using ''Virtual Stadium''. 



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  • by Daniel Molina

    FIFA 96 is one of the first and best soccer video games of all times!