Best free video editing software tools with no watermark

Whether you are an aspiring video editor who’s just getting started or a pro, a beautifully post-processed video starts with a right set of video-editing software. Channel your inner professional editor with this list of tools that leaves no watermark on your final cut.


Free download
Blender is a free and open source video editing and 3D creation suite software. It features tools for photorealistic rendering, fast modeling, realistic materials, animation toolset, fast UV unwrapping, full compositor, simulations, game creation, camera and object tracking and more.
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  • Jean Hall

    by Jean Hall

    Guaranteed no watermark video editor! I love how realistic the rendering system is. Love the CPU rendering, video editing, simulations, sculpting, and More

  • Antonia Madrigal

    by Antonia Madrigal

    This thing is everything I ever needed and more. Some templates might come with watermarks but you can remove them from the video editor and there are More

  • Daniel Ortega

    by Daniel Ortega

    The 3D creation tool really is among this software's unique feature. And no watermark in that aspect!

  • zizi guba null

    by zizi guba null

    it is stupid, i dont know who made this but he is an idiot. it doesnt work properly. i was rotating a video about 2 hours and then i couldn ´t export  More


Free download

Shotcut is an open-source video editor for Windows, Mac and Linux. The software supports many video, audio, and image formats thanks to FFmepg and screen capture, webcam, and audio capture. It has a timeline for non-lineal edition for editing multiple tracks and compose. 

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  • Brenda Barnes

    by Brenda Barnes

    I personally dislike it when video editors have watermarks in them, they look really tacky and they kinda ruin the video for me. I've tried loads of e More

  • Angela Huang

    by Angela Huang

    Shotcut is a really impressive software for video editing. It's really easy to use especially the trimming and exporting feature. I just wish they add More

  • Frances Cox

    by Frances Cox

    After windows movie maker, shotcut is the nextdecent choice for my video editting needs. I know devs are more inclined to mark an output on the softwa More

  • Raúl Ramos

    by Raúl Ramos

    I used Shotcut to do my marketing presentation and the zero watermark feature is the best! My professors liked my output!

  • Stefan Coetzee

    by Stefan Coetzee

    Had multiple issues with ShotCut failing to start in Windows 10, even after re-installing and removing keys from registry.

  • Rakesh Dagar null

    by Rakesh Dagar null

    I had used this video editor most time failed while using this in window 7 with 8gb Ram and made heavy size of video. I. e. 2.5gb of 25 minutes.

3.VideoPad Video Editor

Free download

VideoPad by NCH Software is a basic video editing program designed to be intuitive that has many of the tools and features. It also supports different video formats such as avi, wmv, mpv, divx, and many more.

  • Terry Gonzalez

    by Terry Gonzalez

    This is one of the best video editing software that I've tried so far ❤️️ it has unlimited editing tracks and enough tools to experiment with... the t More

  • Stephen Grant

    by Stephen Grant

    Yes finally a decent program without watermarks for editing films!

  • Nicholad DeLioncourt null

    by Nicholad DeLioncourt null

    Some of the most basic editing tools are disabled in this free version. It's free because it doesn't do ANYTHING.

  • Nor Farah Arina Binti Muhamad Her null

    by Nor Farah Arina Binti Muhamad Her null

    It not free, its just a demo. Cant export files.

  • Liya Rüveyda null

    by Liya Rüveyda null

    Berbat bir uygulama filigran yok ama birkaç tane video yaptıktan sonra para istiyor ve tüm emeğin boşa gidiyor sakın denemeyin bile...

  • Gabrial Magnifesta null

    by Gabrial Magnifesta null

    This is not free in any way it is merely demo software that you cannot export a video file from. Bait and hook. Looks decent but dont get hooked in


4.VSDC Free Video Editor

Free download

VSDC is a non-linear free video editor. This software helps you visualize your creativity. VSDC supports all the most popular codecs, filters and video formats.

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  • Arthur Murphy

    by Arthur Murphy

    If you're looking for a video editor without annoying watermark this one if for you 💪 You can also work around almost any file format because this ha More

  • Amber Washington

    by Amber Washington

    Holy shiz this is one hell of a free video editor without watermark! I gave this a try myself just to see if it's not scam yeah right, no watermark! I More

  • Aaron Jones

    by Aaron Jones

    This program could be on top but I must say at least this one's one of the tops. No program markings once you finish your video although with limited  More

  • Александр Галкин null

    by Александр Галкин null

    One of the most affordable among the Pro editors

5.Hitfilm Express

Free download

HitFilm is a free motion graphics and video editing software that enables users to color grade, edit videos, and compose, all on the same software. It also has advanced tracking and 3D modeling tools.

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  • Genre:Not available
  • Brenda Contreras

    by Brenda Contreras

    If you're a creative person like me, I think this editor is the best. Not only because it has no watermark but more importantly, you can give your vid More

  • Rodrigo Valle

    by Rodrigo Valle

    I'm quite amazed that an app as intuitive and amazing such as this comes for free! Not a trial or shady app. It's complete with editor and very good v More

  • Kat Crystalynn

    by Kat Crystalynn

    doesnt work

  • Crystal Medina

    by Crystal Medina

    I like using this in our school marketing video projects because this has no water mark. Also the interface is intuitive it does take a no-brainer to  More

  • Judy Williams null

    by Judy Williams null

    This absolutely has a watermark unless you buy it

  • Rakesh Dagar null

    by Rakesh Dagar null

    It is best ever in video editing but it's made more size of video.


Free download
Avidemux is a free video editor for Windows, Mac, Linux and more. It has tools like cutting, filtering and encoding. It also supports video types, including AVI, DVD, MPEG, MP4 and ASF via codecs.
  • Miguel Rosales

    by Miguel Rosales

    I can't believe this one is for FREE!!! This is more of a basic and simple video editor but it does the job. They have a manageable interface and good More

  • Gerald Spencer

    by Gerald Spencer

    Since this is open source of course there is no watermark here this is cool!


Free download

Lightworks is a video editing software to be used for creating and enhancing videos for film and broadcast. Supporting various video formats, this program is available for Mac OS X, Windows, and Linux.

  • Li Song

    by Li Song

    For a start Lightworks free version definitely has the features I need for basic video editing. I was actually one of the confused ones because I saw  More

  • Leslie Ann null

    by Leslie Ann null

    Jesus!! No audio with export of the video?? What is the point? I have wasted hours on this garbage and there are people all over the internet having e More

  • David Peters

    by David Peters

    I do want to take my video editing to the next level and Lightworks appears to be the best tool for that. No more worrying about those annoying waterm More

8.Windows Movie Maker

Free download
With Windows Movie Maker, you can quickly turn your photos and videos into polished movies. Add special effects, transitions, sound, and captions to help tell your story. Share the movie with friends and family.
  • Randy Ramos

    by Randy Ramos

    Windows movie maker has no watermark that's a given but that's it, no room for other special effects and video composition aside from the presets in t More

  • Gloria Cook

    by Gloria Cook

    Of course WMM is still my classic choice for video editing. I'm still using Windows XP which still has WMM and I'm loving it!

  • Evelyn Weber

    by Evelyn Weber

    So long Widnows movie maker!!! I wish to find an opensource freeware where I can still download this. Anyone there who knows?

  • Stefan Coetzee

    by Stefan Coetzee

    There is no link for installing Windows Moviemaker...? It looks like it is no longer supported or available for download.

  • Kiyo Mizu

    by Kiyo Mizu

    This is no longer available. Windows and introduced a new version. WITH WATERMARK! Totally ruined my day


Free download
OpenShot is easy to use, quick to learn, and powerful free video editor. It supports various audio, photo, and video formats, and it features unlimited tracks and layers. It is available for platforms including Linux, Windows, and Mac.
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  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Video

  • Publisher:Not available
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  • Genre:Not available
  • Amber Chen

    by Amber Chen

    Heard great reviews about this not having watermark but so sad I cant use this on my PC this lags a lot so I uninstalld this.

  • Hannah Daniels

    by Hannah Daniels

    yes this is easy to use! I am using this for my mini presentations in class and this work good to my requirements.

10.Movavi Video Editor

Free download

Movavi Video Editor lets you make beautiful videos out of photos. It's easy to use and lets you create stories that you can share with your loved ones. You can apply filters, add text, including transitions, and use different effects.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Multimedia

  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Christina Munoz

    by Christina Munoz

    Sad that the latest Windows OS dont come with free Movie Maker so I looked around and found Movavi for my video editing needs. This is so good and sup More

  • Peter Payne

    by Peter Payne

    Sad that this program has watermark on it and there's no way to even remove it. I'm not installing this.

  • Stefan Coetzee

    by Stefan Coetzee

    The so-called free version is NOT without watermark! I just edited a video for 2 hours and discovered this.

  • Starry Iris null

    by Starry Iris null

    Why is this app even in the list, it has a watermark smack in the middle of the screen???? It's useless. I'm putting one star because the site is forc More

  • Mattyz null

    by Mattyz null


  • Alan Blackwell null

    by Alan Blackwell null

    This app uses watermarks. It should not be in the list!!!


Social media has had an effect on how kids think about careers? Toymaker, Lego recently conducted a survey on over 1000 kids. One-third of kids between 8-12 wanted to become vloggers or YouTubers. Annie LeBlanc started on YouTube and has been doing it eight years now. Her videos feature gymnastics, songs, and tutorials with a following of 3.7 million fans. Location was also a factor that influences these kids' decisions. In today's connected world, kids have easy access to social media and YouTube. Despite its potential for high earning, it's not what motivates these kids. Rather, it is their own way of socializing and meeting new people online. Google Analytics found out that 70% of them could relate to their favorite YouTuber.

Annie is only one of the countless youth trying to break through the YouTube scene. Smartphone cameras these days are good enough to record a video of yourself. There are also plenty of online tools and software to help with editing those videos. Some of the best online video editors are good enough for most needs and you don't even need to install them. If you need a bit more flexibility, then, you'll have access to some of the best photo and video editing software. There are some free video editors without watermarks and more are coming out all the time so be on the lookout. If you've been wanting to get into vlogging, now is a great time to try it out.