Best local co-op games on steam

1.Castle Crashers

Paid: $14.99
Castle Crashers is a 2D side-scrolling co-op brawler video game developed by The Behemoth, which is set in a fictional medieval universe. There is a remastered version of the game for the Xbox One called Castle Crashers Remastered.
  • Eric Munoz

    by Eric Munoz

    This is a fun multiplayer side scroller. I love meeting up with friends online and working on a game together, and this one has a lot of great action  More

  • Kevin Carlson

    by Kevin Carlson

    Fun and quirky, and it's amusing in a good way. The simple yet nice graphics are truly a comforting change from today's games where everything is too  More

  • Mark Matthews

    by Mark Matthews

    Perfect solution. Features the local co-op option.


Paid: $14.99

Broforce is a run-and-gun platform video game released on 15 October 2015 with up to four players cooperatively playing against enemies. It is developed by Free Lives and published by Devolver Digital.

  • Arthur Smith

    by Arthur Smith

    4 players means more people which equal more fun. me and a few friends never get bored of playing this, no matter how many times we play it. wish ther More

  • Anna Henry

    by Anna Henry

    This game does have local co-op, and it is available on Steam. This seems like an acceptable solution to the problem.

  • Michael Ray

    by Michael Ray

    I really enjoyed playing this game, loads of fun. I like how whatever level you a playing explodes as soon as you beat it. The whole time you're just  More

3.Trine 2

Paid: $19.99
Trine 2 is a multiplatform multiplayer game. In Trine 2 the player controls three heroes: Amadeus the Wizard, Pontius the Knight and Zoya the Thief - who continue their adventures together in a magical kingdom.
  • Jordan Hoffman

    by Jordan Hoffman

    Not the most interesting game I have ever played but it is well worth picking up. The graphics are beautiful and the lighting is exquisite. The play i More

  • Ruth Hansen

    by Ruth Hansen

    I had been searching for a long time for a cheap, fun, and interactive game on Steam. Trine 2 perfectly fits all three of these requirements!

  • Kelly Brown

    by Kelly Brown

    This is an interesting game. Good for anyone who likes co op games. the story line is solid and the graphics are done well.

4.Left 4 Dead 2

Paid: $9.99

Left 4 Dead 2 is the classic cooperative game in which four friends try to survive a zombie apocalypse. Developed by Valve, it has action and horror with a great proactive AI that changes and adapts according to the player's skills.

  • Marilyn Guerrero

    by Marilyn Guerrero

    This was the perfect solution for what I was looking for. Forwarding me to the Steam community allows me to not only get the game, but to link up with More

  •  José Antonio Camacho

    by José Antonio Camacho

    Great solution. You can play single player missions as well as co-op.

  • Megan Duncan

    by Megan Duncan

    This game is action packed. My children and I had a great time playing it.

5.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes

Paid: $19.99 with in-app purchases

Lego Marvel Super Heroes is a Lego-themed action-adventure game published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and Feral Interactive. It's compatible with PlayStation 4, Xbox One, iOs and Android devices, and Windows and Mac computers.

  • Andrea Mendez

    by Andrea Mendez

    Just another Lego game. Nothing much to say to this other than the fact it is LEGO. I'm not much on LEGO so....this really didn't appeal to me. Your kids might enjoy it and that is probably all that matters. If you're in to LEGO then go for it! Then  More

6.Crypt of the Necrodancer

Paid: $14.99
Crypt of the NecroDancer is a hardcore rhythm game that you can play using a keyboard, controller, or dance pad. You can also use your own music straight from your music library. It also has its own original soundtrack. 
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:12+

  • Category:Games


  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Cindy Yan

    by Cindy Yan

    funny game, and pretty groovy too. addicting, not so much. id rather play patapon , but at least this game is rhythm based and its nice to see that ga More

  • Sarah Sanchez

    by Sarah Sanchez

    I don't see anything in the description about local co-op, but this Steam game appears to be categorized as a Local Co-p game. This may be a solution  More

  • Guo Shao

    by Guo Shao

    Crypy of the Necrodancer should be last option to have a co-op game on Steam. It is not even a good game and the solution considers it as the best.

  • Diana Wu

    by Diana Wu

    Crypt of the Necrodance is really fun. The music of rock-in. I love music and coupled with a game, I am in heaven. Really the best local co-op game on More

7.Pit People

Paid: $19.99

Pit People is a strategy action role-playing video game by indie game developer The Behemoth. It was released on March 2, 2018, and can be played on Microsoft Windows PCs and Xbox One video game consoles.

  • Michael Franklin

    by Michael Franklin

    Pit People is an awesome turn based strategy game for PC. It has awesome graphics and has Local Co-Op enabled. The reviews are amazing and the price i More

  • Christina Rivera

    by Christina Rivera

    This Steam game is an adventure co-op game, with both local co-op and local multiplayer. It seems like a great solution to the problem.

  • by Hansika Balasubramanium

    This is an interesting concept game. I am looking forward to their full release.

8.Mercenary Kings

Paid: $19.99
Mercenary Kings is an indie side-scrolling arcade action video game developed and published by Tribute Games Inc. It can be played on computers with Windows and Mac operating system, and on PlayStation 4.
  • by Ralph Thompson

    This is an excellent solution! I personally don't like this game as much as my favorite local Co-Op Steam game "Castle Crashers", but this game is ext More

  • Hemant Jayaraman

    by Hemant Jayaraman

    Really enjoying playing this game. I definitely give it two thumbs up and will be playing for many more hours!

  •  José Juan Tovar

    by José Juan Tovar

    good thing to have and make people interested in the video game you are trying to promote


with in-app purchases
Brawlhalla is a 2D free-to-play action and fighting game developed by Blue Mammoth Games. It was released in October 2017 by Ubisoft. It supports local and online multiplayer modes and is available on Windows, macOS, and PlayStation 4.
  • Joyce He

    by Joyce He

    With tons of options from custom rooms to free-for-all matches, this is the perfect co-op game. You will never get bored and have hours of fun!

  • by Marilyn Burke

    Good graphics, not cheesy at all. Very fun to play and easy to learn. Would be good for many ages.

10.Worms Armageddon

Paid: $14.99 Check price

Worms Armageddon is a 2-dimensional strategy video game for Windows computers. It was developed and published by Team 17 Digital Ltd and was released on May 31, 1999. This game can be played in Single and Multiplayer modes.

  • by Jeffrey Carpenter

    Worms Armageddon is a great 2D action packed Co-Op game that is available today. I love how easy the game is to learn and start playing. The graphics  More

  • Dennis Herrera

    by Dennis Herrera

    I've played Worms games for years, Worms Armageddon doesn't disappoint. I can quickly queue up in a match and get to war. All of the old favorites are More

  • Christopher Moreno

    by Christopher Moreno

    Worms Armageddon is a great 2D action packed Co-Op game that is available today. I love how easy the game is to learn and start playing. The graphics  More

  • Esperanza Villegas

    by Esperanza Villegas

    Looking for a good co-op game? Try Worms Armageddon.

11.NBA Playgrounds

Paid: $19.99

NBA Playgrounds is a multiplayer arcade basketball video game for computers with Microsoft Windows operating system. It was developed by Saber Interactive and was published by Mad Dog Games, LLC.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Tiffany Murray

    by Tiffany Murray

    The NBA Playgrounds game on Steam is very entertaining. I enjoyed watching the players jump 100 times higher than Michael Jordan. The playground setti More

  • Tiffany Barnett

    by Tiffany Barnett

    There's nothing like a classic game of sports. With NBA Playgrounds, I was able to play with all of my friends at one time and relive the good old day More

  • Albert Silva

    by Albert Silva

    It's like NBA Jam all over again! Not quite as great as the classic but still fantastic. Great play control, pretty balanced game and teams. Love it!

12.LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga

Paid: $19.99 with in-app purchases
LEGO Star Wars: The Complete Saga is an adventure local cooperative game developed by Traveller’s Tales Feral Interactive and published by LucasArts. Released in 2009, this game is available on Windows and Mac PCs.
  • Kenneth Black

    by Kenneth Black

    While it is a Co-Op game its not a game I want to play. This is more of a kids friendly game so if you're a hardcore gamer then this wont be for you.  More

  • by Ruth Bradley

    Lego and Star Wars have always been a hit combo. Being able to play both all the way through the complete saga is awesome. I have no doubt that it wil More

  •  Julio César Cisneros

    by Julio César Cisneros

    My wife and I love playing co-op games but they can be hard to find. We came across Lego Star Wars. We had a ton of fun with this game and we highly r More

  • Denise Moore

    by Denise Moore

    I needed the best local co-cop games on steam. I found Lego Star Wars: The complete Saga and it has been very fun. Great action and adventure.

13.Borderlands 2

Paid: $19.99

Borderlands 2 is an action role-playing first-person shooting game which was first released in 2012. It is the second game in the Borderlands game series. This four-player co-op game won the VGX Award for Character of the Year.

  • Christian Stewart

    by Christian Stewart

    I've been looking for some local co-op games on Steam, and finding Borderlands 2 is the perfect solution. I want to play some games with my brother an More

  • Jonathan S null

    by Jonathan S null

    Your website sucks, most of these are not local coop at all. This is coop, not local coop. Why mislead people.

  • Tammy Simpson

    by Tammy Simpson

    This game is so fun! The art style is so interesting and it reminds me of comic books. The characters are so crazy and gameplay is amazing. The fight  More

14.Rayman Legends

Paid: $29.99 Check price
Rayman Legends is a platforming game by Ubisoft. The game is about Rayman and Globox enter new realms by entering a collection of paintings. Players can also play as the Teensies and princesses by rescuing them.
  • Ashley Harris

    by Ashley Harris

    This game is good, but the link leads to This game is also available on Steam and for a much lower price! This game is a classic though an More

  • by Charles Arnold

    I loved Rayman Legends! Needed a game to play with my kids on the same tv and this fit the bill perfectly!

15.Risk of Rain

Paid: $9.99
Risk of Rain is an action multiplayer video game with full of action and roguelike elements developed by Hopoo Games and published by Chucklefish. Through this game, players will be set on a mysterious planet. 
  • Kimberly Robertson

    by Kimberly Robertson

    This game gives me that retro 8-bit feel. I really like the art style. Makes me feel like I am playing those old-school games. Collecting things is fu More

  • Rose Douglas

    by Rose Douglas

    Risk of rain is the best Co-Op game I've seen on Steam in awhile. The game-play is so fun and the graphic are really good.


Paid: $19.99

Gauntlet is a co-op action role-playing video game where four players must battle against monsters, bosses, traps, and so on. It was developed by Atari Games and was initially released in 1985 for Windows PC and Sony PlayStation 4 consoles.

  • Walter Howell

    by Walter Howell

    My friends and I love to have LAN parties and play games all night while eating pizza. Gauntlet: Slayer is one of our favorite games. I'm not keen on  More

  • Kenneth Spencer

    by Kenneth Spencer

    A fun co-op game that can be played either local or online. It was good fun for an old-school LAN party I had the other day.


Paid: $14.99
Vagante is a roguelike pixel-graphics game developed and published by Nuke Nine. Released in 2018, this game can be played on Windows PC, macOS, and Linux.
  • Jesse Soto

    by Jesse Soto

    I am on Steam and love some good Local Co-Op games. I just started playing Vagante. The graphics are not all that great for 2017 but the game play is  More

  • Teresa Reyes

    by Teresa Reyes

    Vagante is a retro style game that plays similarly to Mario because you are moving your character across an obstacle course. I like it a lot because i More

  • by Sandra Villegas

    I love finding good games that I can just sit on the couch and play with friends or my boyfriend. Vagante is a local co-op game on steam that's set in More

18.Rayman Origins

Paid: $9.99 Check price
Rayman Origins is a 2D side-scrolling platformer with an option for multiplayer is available. The objective is to complete the levels, while freeing the Electoons and collecting Lums, in order to save the Glade of Dreams. Overall, there are over 60 levels in the game, taking place in 12 different environments.
  • by Terry Brewer

    I love playing 2D games that send me back to the first arcade games I played. I went looking on Steam for a good Local Co-Op game, and stumbled on Ray More

  • Sharon Cooper

    by Sharon Cooper

    This wasn't helpful at all. All this video was is a video game trailer for Rayman Origins. It doesn't provide any information about different kinds of More

  • Ruth Stanley

    by Ruth Stanley

    This is a fun game to play with friends. My friends and I spent a little too much time on it but it is fun working together and beating levels. I sugg More

19.TowerFall Ascension

Paid: $14.99 With DLCs

TowerFall Ascension is a 2D indie action local co-op video game developed and published by Matt Makes Games Inc. This 4-player game is available for PC and Mac, and on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One gaming consoles.

  • Albert Simmons

    by Albert Simmons

    This is an absurdly fun game. It's really simple in design, but that also allows you to pick it up and start almost instantly. You'll progressively ge More

  • Benjamin Morgan

    by Benjamin Morgan

    Perfect solution. Lets you play alone or with friends/other people via local co-op.


Paid: $14.99
Spelunky is an open source platform video game independently created by Derek Yu and first released in 2008. It features randomized levels offering a challenging new experience for players. 
  • Patricia Schultz

    by Patricia Schultz

    Spelunky is a cool platformer that you can play on your own or with friends. It has a character that is a lot like Mario except he digs. The worlds lo More

  • by Randy Tran

    The game certainly does have randomized levels. It's sort of a maze runner game. The levels look varied with water, grass and trees.

  • Gerald Clark

    by Gerald Clark

    Spelunky is an action based adventure game comparable to mario. I love this game and have spent countless house on it. Give it a shot!

21.Worms Ultimate Mayhem

Paid: $14.99
Worms Ultimate Mayhem takes the original game into 3D, creating new strategies and gameplay possibilities. It includes over 70 single-player missions and challenges, online and local multiplayer for up to 4 players, and 5 multiplayer modes.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Lawrence Lewis

    by Lawrence Lewis

    I love video games and am always looking for the next best thing. I'm particularly interested in local Co-Op games available on Steam. I recently stum More

  • Bryan Cooper

    by Bryan Cooper

    Fits it perfectly. Especially since the game offers local multiplayer.

  • Beverly Ward

    by Beverly Ward

    One of my favorite multiplayer platforms. With so many challenges, it never gets boring.

22.Worms Revolution

Paid: $14.99
Worms Revolution is a Worms game from 2012 in which you can choose to play the extensive single player mode or dive straight into multiplayer warfare via online or local play.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • Rose Carr

    by Rose Carr

    Worms Revolution is one of the best Local Co-Op game on Steam. The game was one of my first experiences playing a co-op game. Now that I've tried othe More

  • Bruce Ward

    by Bruce Ward

    I have to disagree with the best game on steam. While it is fun there are much better titles out there. Please work on the plot since it is rather odd More

23.The Binding of Isaac

Paid: $4.99 Check price

The Binding of Isaac is an action-adventure and RPG game where you have to escape your deranged mother who wants to sacrifice you. It was developed and published by Edmund McMillen.

  • Thomas Jenkins

    by Thomas Jenkins

    This isn't what you're looking for. While the Binding of Isaac is a fantastic game and something I'd advise anyone to play? This is a single player ga More

  • Ajay Malhotra

    by Ajay Malhotra

    The Binding of Isaac does not include a co-op mode, as listed in its description. I do not believe this is a good fit.

  • Riccardo Pagliaro null

    by Riccardo Pagliaro null

    The Binding of Isaac is single player only.

  • Tyler Peterson

    by Tyler Peterson

    This is a very fun game to play with friends. Its very suspenseful and provides hours of entertainment.

24.Metal Slug 3

Paid: $7.99
Metal Slug 3 is a run and gun video game developed by SNK. The most highly praised title in the series among Metal Slug fans for its refined balance and game volume.

  • Yolanda Escobar

    by Yolanda Escobar

    Loved it! Brought me back to when I was a kid playing games at the arcade. Great graphics, and the controls are really easy to pick up. Being able to  More

  • by Gregory Hunter

    Reminiscent of classic video games from the 80s era, there is a bit of nostalgia when playing. However, Metal Slug 3 holds its own in game play that i More

  • Mark Owens

    by Mark Owens

    I do not think this game would satisfy my needs. I like co-op games but this does not seem relevant and it seems old. The graphics are old and do not  More

25.LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham

Paid: $19.99 with in-app purchases
LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham is an open-world action and adventure video game for Windows and Mac computers, for iOS and Android mobile devices, and PlayStation 4 and Xbox One consoles. It was released in 2014.
  • Juan Schultz

    by Juan Schultz

    A licensed game, LEGO Batman 3: Beyond Gotham offers me a game in which I attempt to "stop the evil Brainiac from destroying Earth." There is no co-op More

  • Kenneth Lopez

    by Kenneth Lopez

    Lego Batman 3 is a super fun game! I love playing it with my stream friends and we have a blast playing it together.

26.Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime

Paid: $14.99

Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime is a space shooter and multiplayer adventure video game developed and published by Asteroid Base. The game is focused on players piloting a spaceship in a variety of stations located inside. 

  • Bruce Hernandez

    by Bruce Hernandez

    I wanted to find a good local co-op game on steam and came across Lovers in a Dangerous Spacetime. This game reminded me of a more complex pac-man gam More

  • Irene Villa

    by Irene Villa

    I really enjoy this game. I play it with my friends when we all link up. This is one of the few games that has been able to hold all of our attention.

  • Billy Black

    by Billy Black

    This game is by far one of the best Co-op games. It is so fun to get together with friends and play this amazing game.

27.Ultimate Chicken Horse

Paid: $14.99
Ultimate Chicken Horse is a 2D platformer where you build the level as you play, placing traps and hazards to screw your friends over, but trying not to screw yourself.
  • Lawrence Welch

    by Lawrence Welch

    This is an awesome couch multiplayer game to play with friends. They have to be the fun creative type that don't get mad when they lose because you wi More

  • Megan Thompson

    by Megan Thompson

    This seems like a good solution. It's a game on Steam that has online and local multiplayer, and it seems like it would be fun to play.

  • Gloria Adams

    by Gloria Adams

    Corny graphic, yet makes for a wonderful game. I love competing with my friends!

28.Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons

Paid: $14.99 Free trial available
Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons is a cross-platform fairytale themed adventure. Guide two brothers on an epic fairy tale journey from visionary Swedish film director, Josef Fares and top-tier developer Starbreeze Studios. 
  • by Olivia Guerrero

    This game is great! I actually love to play this with my brother, and we have a lot of fun with it. It's a single-player co-op, so it reminds us of ta More

  • Jane Boyd

    by Jane Boyd

    This game looks just like a movie! I am amazed at the graphics. The storyline was so good! Working together in a co-op makes things interesting.

  • Judy Chapman

    by Judy Chapman

    Interesting game and storytelling style. I really had fun with it.


Paid: $19.99

Cuphead is an indie run and gun platformer action video game heavily focused on boss battles and inspired by cartoons of the 1930s. It was developed and published by Studio MDHR for both Windows PC and Xbox One gaming console.

  • Andy Ma

    by Andy Ma

    Cuphead is one of the best games I've played in awhile. It's really tough, but the feeling is great when I finally beat a level. I love the graphics and overall feel of the game. I think this is a game that everyone should play, and game developers s More


Paid: $14.99

Crawl is a competitive multiplayer action game. Players alternate between controlling the enemies and the hero. Enemy players who successfully kill the hero instantly become the hero. It was developed and published by Powerhoof.

  • Muhammad Jhadav

    by Muhammad Jhadav

    I found this game very old school, but also a ton of fun. I usually think of co-op games as all for one, but in this one it's more all against one as  More

  • John Soto

    by John Soto

    Crawl is a great fast paced game that I love to play with friends. Its easy to get started and stay entertained with the style of play. Finding people More

  • by Richard Reyes

    This is a game you can play again and again. Definitely lets me see who's king among my friends.

31.Metal Slug X

Paid: $7.99

Metal Slug X is a run and gun arcade video game for computers Windows computers, Android and iOS devices, and Xbox One and PlayStation 4. It was developed and published by SNK CORPORATION.

  • Xu Yang

    by Xu Yang

    The game itself is okay. I found myself quite bored after an hour of play. The graphics are okay for the type of game it is but I've seen better. Thos More

  • Sharon Li

    by Sharon Li

    This game is fun and highly addictive. It has awesome graphics and game volume.

32.The Jackbox Party Pack 4

Paid: $24.99

The Jackbox Party Pack 4 is a new storied party game from the Jackbox Party franchise, with new mini-games as "Fibbage", "Survive the Internet", "Monster Seeking Monster", "Brackteering"and "Civic Doodle".

  • Jaime Marín

    by Jaime Marín

    The Jackbox Party Pack 4 isn't the best co-op game. For less you can buy a copy of Left 4 Dead 2 and Insurgency which provide superior coop experiences. The latter can often be found on sale for $2.


Paid: $6.99

Shadowgrounds is a fast-paced top-down shooter game developed by Frozenbyte which is set on a space colony on Ganymede that is being attacked by aliens. This game is reminiscent of the Alien Breed series.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • by Willie Henderson

    The screenshots appear to be decent, not top shelf, but decent given the price of the game. It does have decent ratings and it has been purchased over More

  • Carolyn Salazar

    by Carolyn Salazar

    The graphics of this game is great. I had a fun time using the weapons. The layout of the screen lets me view everything. It reminds me of MOBA games.

  • Rachel Coleman

    by Rachel Coleman

    An old game, so if you like the super edgy new worlds and styles, this one is not for you. I must say I was not too impressed with the graphics, even  More

  • by Tammy Phillips

    I am just not that impressed with this game. I wanted a good co-op I could play on Steam, but this one just isn't very enticing. I tried it out with s More

34.LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2

Paid: $19.99

LEGO Marvel Super Heroes 2 is an action-adventure game by Traveller's Tales and Warner Bros. Players explore the Marvel Universe and take the role of its characters. It can be played on PC and Mac, and on Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, and PS4.

  • Nicholas Mendez

    by Nicholas Mendez

    This series of games is a good choice for local coop games. These are also good for the whole family, so this would fit anyone's needs looking for this sort of game.

35.Rogue Legacy

Paid: $14.99
Rogue Legacy is a roguelike metroidvania video game developed and published by Cellar Door Games. Released in 2013, this game can be played on PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, and Xbox One.
  • Tyler Castillo

    by Tyler Castillo

    Very interesting game. The game never gets old as you get to use a wide variety of characters each time you die. I have played many games, and this one is really one of the most interesting.

36.BattleBlock Theater

Paid: $14.99

BattleBlock Theater is a comedy co-op multiplayer video game developed and published by The Behemoth and was first released on April 3, 2013. Through this game, players will control a prisoner to play through games. 

  • Deborah Sandoval

    by Deborah Sandoval

    This game is just awesome! I really like platform games, so this was perfect! I had such a fun time playing it. The art and animation are great! Multi More

  • Judy Graham

    by Judy Graham

    This is definitely a co-op game, but I don't know how "local" it is. Too frantic for my tastes, and I've never been good with this type of game. Other More

37.Trine Enchanted Edition

Paid: $14.99
Trine Enchanted Edition is a side-scrolling video game combining physics puzzles with action and RPG elements in a medieval theme. This game was published and developed by Frozenbyte.

  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Frozenbyte

  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Action, Adventure, Indie

  • Philip Little

    by Philip Little

    The Trine Enchanted Edition is a great co- op game on steam. I did not find anything missing as usual. The most impressive things were beautiful graph More

  • Mark Carroll

    by Mark Carroll

    Trine Enchanted Edition is a nice game to play for a challenge. With co-op mode you can get help from a friend if needed. There are enough puzzles and More

  • Kyle Richardson

    by Kyle Richardson

    Trine Enchanted Edition offers a great co-op game play. Super happy i found it on Steam and impressed by the graphics and overall gameplay.

38.Guacamelee! Gold Edition

Paid: $14.99
Guacamelee! is a metroidvania beat ‘em up platform game developed by DrinkBox Studios. Released in 2013, this game can be played on PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, as well as in Xbox One, Windows PC, and macOS.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • by Lisa Wagner

    Guacamelee is awesome, I highly suggest everyone giving it a shot. It's just a fun game to play, you won't realize hours have passed. Don't think it's More

  • Gabriel Meza

    by Gabriel Meza

    The game, in its features, states it has a "Drop in/out 2-Player local Co-operative play" option. I think this would satisfy the requirement.

  • Madison Crawford

    by Madison Crawford

    I wasn't a huge fan of Guacamelee, but it is definitely worth a shot if you like co-op games that you can play locally. It's a fun game, and a good op More

39.Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet

Paid: $14.99

Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet is a shooter puzzle video game which won a BAFTA Games Award for Debut Game. Developed by Shadow Planet Productions, this game can be played on Windows PC, Linux, macOS, and Xbox 360.

  • by Laura Roberts

    This game, Insanely Twisted Shadow Planet, provides interesting puzzles and has a multiplayer component to it. The graphics are somewhat interesting a More

  • Martha Contreras

    by Martha Contreras

    This solution looks really good. Gives you a view of the game as well as a place to buy. Site well laid out.

  • Lucía Carbajal

    by Lucía Carbajal

    This is not really for me as I do not care for the type of game it is. However, the younger generation will probably love it.

40.Divinity: Original Sin

Paid: $39.99 Check price

Divinity: Original Sin is an isometric fantasy role-playing game developed and published by Larian Studios. It also features tactical turn-based combat, a highly interactive world, and lots of choices and consequences.

  • Jack Adams

    by Jack Adams

    Really enjoyable, but I'd say mostly with a friend. Played alone, I found the gameplay pretty repetitive and not very fulfilling. The classes seem bui More

  • Louis Hawkins

    by Louis Hawkins

    I really like the look and feel of Divinity: Original Sin. It reminds me of the old style fantasy games I played as a kid. With co-op I can team up wi More

41.Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine

Paid: $14.99 Free trial available

Monaco: What's Yours Is Mine is an action and stealth game developed and released by Pocketwatch Games on April 24, 2013. This video game offers single player and multiplayer modes for Microsoft Windows, Xbox 360, Mac OS X, and more.

  • Amanda Brewer

    by Amanda Brewer

    This Co-Op game is too easy and a little disappointing. It didn't last as long as my nephew wanted it to. He said it's nice that you can play it as a  More

  • Justin Grant

    by Justin Grant

    I Love Monaco! Very fun game with older graphics, but very addicting.


Paid: $39.99
Yooka-Laylee is a platform game published by Team17 in 2017 and developed by Playtonic Games. Yooka-Laylee is a spiritual successor to their series Banjo-Kazooie released for the Nintendo 64 nearly 20 years prior.
  • by Ralph Thompson

    I wanted a good Steam Local Co-Op game. A friend found Yooka-Laylee. It is a pretty fun cartoonish game. We played it and had a lot of fun. I do not u More

  • Bella Zeng

    by Bella Zeng

    Based on the description, this game does seem to have a co-op mode. It's also available on Steam, so it seems like a good choice for this problem.

  •  José Juan Tovar

    by José Juan Tovar

    Not a huge fan of this solution. While it does have some footing, it would not be ideal to me.


Paid: $14.99
N++ is a platformer arcade video game about darting obstacles and avoiding enemies while collecting gold. It was developed and published by Metanet Software Inc. and was released on August 26, 2016.
  • Website:Not Available
  • Age rating:Not available
  • Category:Not available
  • Publisher:Not available
  • Size:Not available
  • Genre:Not available
  • by Jonathan Black

    N++ is an overwhelmingly positively reviewed platform darter game. It is available for PC through steam. In its latest update it added a local co-op m More

  • Joe Walker

    by Joe Walker

    Nice solution. Features a co-op mode.


Paid: $14.99
Chariot is a humorous physics-based couch co-op platformer video game developed and published by Frima Studio. It is about a brave princess and her suitor carrying a funeral wagon through ancient caverns.
  • by Ankita Rodrigues

    I love playing games on Steam, especially local co-op games. I tried Chariot, which is an awesome physics-based co-op platformer game. It's really a t More

  • Jesse Berry

    by Jesse Berry

    The physics in Chariot are great and lead to some very interesting puzzles. Grab a friend and an adventure hat, you won't be disappointed.

  • Reyansh Chattopadhyay

    by Reyansh Chattopadhyay

    There are not a ton of two player games for the computer, however Chariot hit the nail on the head. The game has a lot to offer, it kept myself and my More

45.Nature's Zombie Apocalypse

Paid: $12.99
Developed and published by Aniode, Nature's Zombie Apocalypse is a survival game that revolves around the theme of the zombie apocalypse where animals are the heroes. Each animal possess skills needed to defeat zombies!
  • Ankita Rao

    by Ankita Rao

    I was looking for a good co-op game to play with my buddies. When I stumbled on this, I was excited because I am a total zombie nerd! What's different More

  • Tyler Gonzalez

    by Tyler Gonzalez

    Finally, Nature's Zombie Apocalypse. This game was released on July 23, 2015. There is a local co-op feature to gameplay- this would thus be a good fi More

  • Kathleen Ruiz

    by Kathleen Ruiz

    Just the description got me laughing: animals with guns! It's yet another zombie shootout game, but you get to play a colorful zoo animal fighting off More

46.Don't Starve Together

Paid: $14.99
Don't Starve Together is a multiplayer game that was designed for various gaming console platforms. It features co-op mode wherein you can play with your friends in this world where you cannot go hungry.
  • Anthony Vargas

    by Anthony Vargas

    Don't Starve together is a survival game of the hardest order. Everything is brutal and difficult. It'll cause your friends to either hate you or make you grow closer together as you try to survive the harsh landscape and unforiving enemies

47.Resident Evil 5

Paid: $19.99
Resident Evil 5, also known as Biohazard 5, is a video-game developed by Capcom which features a third-person shooter perspective. This game is available to play on PlayStation, Xbox, and MS PC.
  • Jane Campbell

    by Jane Campbell

    This is a great fit for what I'm looking for as it's on steam and it allows to play locally with someone else. On top of that it is an outstanding gam More

  • Martha Gutierrez

    by Martha Gutierrez

    I love the Resident Evil franchise! The characters and story are so interesting. It gives me a thrill trying to beat all the zombies.

  • Ao Yi

    by Ao Yi

    I have been a long time player of Co-Op games. The best game I played recently that had a great Co-Op feature was Resident Evil 5.

48.Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove

Paid: $24.99

Shovel Knight: Treasure Trove is the full and complete edition of Shovel Knight, a sweeping classic 2D side-scrolling platform game series with awesome gameplay, memorable characters, and an 8-bit retro aesthetic.

  • Anthony Dunn

    by Anthony Dunn

    This game is built to be an instant classic. its an indie game with a retro look and allows you to jump in immediately to find a match at anytime. The game very unique as it respects the retro golden age of gaming and uses similar graphics. The game  More

49.Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris

Paid: $19.99

Lara Croft and the Temple of Osiris is an online co-op action-adventure game, which is the first ever four-player co-op game. It is the sequel to the Lara Croft: Guardian of the Light and the second installment in the Tomb Raider series. 

  • Raymond Moore

    by Raymond Moore

    Lara Croft is a staple of the gaming genre, and there's a reason why. If you loved Lara Croft: Guardian of the Light, this game is a must play. It supports up to 4 players for local co-op, with seamless drop-in & drop-out.