Best offline translation apps

1.Google Translate

Free download

Google Translate is a free language app available for Web, Android and iOS devices. This language learning/translation platform provides access to instant translations to and from various languages, so users will have a way to communicate.

  • by Kimberly Weaver

    This app is really quite good. It helps me surprisingly often. I can not recommend this too much.

  • Budi Tjahjadi null

    by Budi Tjahjadi null

    How do you make it work off-line, when I press the voice conversation ,it says this feature is not working off line ?

  • Adnan Selimovic null

    by Adnan Selimovic null

    Because of the text-recognition, it's been quite useful.

  • Alan Luo

    by Alan Luo

    This is a good offline translation app. I like this app.

2.Oxford Dictionary of English

Free download

Oxford Dictionary of English offers you a large catalog of words and senses, including the very latest vocabulary, phrases and meanings. You can use it offline with the premium version.

  • Website:
  • Age rating:Everyone

  • Category:Books & Reference

  • Publisher:MobiSystems

  • Size:16.78 MB

  • Genre:Not available
  • Joe Weber

    by Joe Weber

    I was working on a research paper on an airplane and it didn't have wifi. The Oxford Dictionary of English had an offline version that greatly helped me get through my paper without wifi. Thanks Oxford!

3.Translate Professional

Free download

With this free app, you can translate easily whatever you one! It is the perfect tool for those who love to travel or for curious who want to know the name of a word in another language.

  • Dhruv Jain

    by Dhruv Jain

    Translate Professional is a fantastic app for IOS. I love how i don't even need internet for when i'm about and don't want to run up my data. It's so  More

  • Bryan Barnes

    by Bryan Barnes

    This app has lots of features and seems easy to use. It appears to be accurate and supports a lot of languages.

4.Scan and Translate

With in-app purchases

Scan and Translate is an app that allows you to translate text from pictures, scanned documents and more. You'll be able to read whatever words are in the images you have on your phone.

  • Andrés Valadez

    by Andrés Valadez

    I was testing out Scan and Translate to see how well it works. I have an upcoming trip to Spain and sadly i am not able to speak Spanish. The idea of  More

  • Gary Elliott

    by Gary Elliott

    Scan and Translate helped me scan my documents with ease. I highly recommend this app to anybody.

5.iTranslate Translator & Dictionary

with in-app purchases

iTranslate is a powerful free translator and dictionary mobile application that allows users to translate texts from over 100 languages. This language translation instrument is available for download on Android and iOS devices.

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  • Genre:Not available
  • by Benjamin West

    This great app has made my life with traveling so much easier. Don't know how to speak Spanish, but your in Mexico and lost with no cell phone service? This app will still help you figure out how to ask someone where you are at. Also, it helps you ta More