Best story mapping tools


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Trello is an effective task management system that lets you customize your list of items, so it's easier to drag, drop, modify or assign tasks. This is ideal if you are involved in projects with other people.

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  •  José Antonio Espinosa

    by José Antonio Espinosa

    Since i discovered Trello i have been using this. Definitely my go-to platform for managing my tasks for quite some time now bc it is simple to use, a More

  • Kyle Ellis

    by Kyle Ellis

    Trello seems to be a decent story mapping tool if you are looking for one. It seems to have most of the features that you would need.

  • by James Freeman

    I was thrilled to find this tool. So many of my projects are so huge, I put off starting them. This let me break the project down into easy steps in a More

  • Nathan Chen

    by Nathan Chen

    This is a collaborative site. I like that I can get input or assistance from other users.


Paid: $10 per month. Free trial available

JIRA is an issue and project tracker for teams building great software. Track bugs and tasks link issues to related code, agile planning, and monitor activity. 

  • Larry Carlson

    by Larry Carlson

    There's no shortage of story mapping tools on the market. JIRA sets itself apart by being more pleasant to look at and by being more intuitive for


  • Gerald Coleman

    by Gerald Coleman

    JIRA was the perfect program to help keep my team on task. The ability to delegate tasks and follow up helped me keep a global view on the project


  • by Ishan Sen

    Helps to get the entire team on the same page. Very helpful.


Paid: $7 Free trial available

StoriesOnBoard is a tool that allows you to create a roadmap for reaching your goals by identifying the tasks that move toward them the most. It can also be used for user story mapping. 

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  • Carl Kim

    by Carl Kim

    I am always looking for ways to improve my company's turnaround and delivery processes. I decided to check out StoriesOnBoard to see if it would help  More

  • Lauren Castro

    by Lauren Castro

    StoriesOnBoard is definitely the best online story mapping tool that I've used. It's like sticky notes on steroids. That is no joke! My colleagues are More

  • Jaime Camacho

    by Jaime Camacho

    This tool helps you every step of the way. It enables you to identify the next step, when otherwise you may be lost. It's like a personal assistant in More

  • Joyce Graham

    by Joyce Graham

    I just don't like their interface. It is so cluttered. When I used it it also had trouble syncing with Trello.

  • Jane Harvey

    by Jane Harvey

    I just didn't like the look of it. It didn't flow for me.

  • Harold Garrett

    by Harold Garrett

    My company used these to better track project goals and deliverables. It allows each team member to edit the white board and provide an easy to collab More



Cardboard will help you visualize your customer's story so that you can build products & applications they will love. It can be used for story maps, customer journeys & basically anything you can imagine using sticky notes on a grid. A free trial is available if users wish to try it first.



Other platforms

  • Jeremy Sanders

    by Jeremy Sanders

    Cardboard is fantastic idea for storyboarding ideas with friends and coworkers but beware you might need a pretty beefy computer to use it fully. It r More

  • Eugene Owens

    by Eugene Owens

    This is a great site they offer a awesome tool for organization. If you are a company looking to give your employees the means of better organization  More

  • Iman Tucker null

    by Iman Tucker null

    CardBoard is amazing, the new templates, voting features, and integrations have made my workflow increase ten fold!

  • Joshua Owens

    by Joshua Owens

    Cardboard is a little more expensive than other tools out there, but it's worth it. This is where I started, and I still use it.

  • Adam Scroggin

    by Adam Scroggin

    CardBoard and User Story Mapping have really changed the way we develop software. It's great when working with remote team mates. Everyone can collabo More

  • Jarno Jokinen null

    by Jarno Jokinen null

    You can have free public boards, which is great for students and small enterpreneurs.


$6 per month
FeatureMap is a tool designed for story mapping. FeatureMap tries to be comprehensive, even without the integration with other platforms. The platform could be a replacement for JIRA, even though you can connect both.
  • Kenneth Ray

    by Kenneth Ray

    FeatureMap is a cloud based visual collaboration tool that allows you to map out the details of your projects without losing sight of the big picture. More

  • Bruce Yang

    by Bruce Yang

    Well, feature map is an interesting idea. I'm glad we started with the trial, though, because it didn't really fit our needs. We needed something for  More

  • pan yuan null

    by pan yuan null

    it's a irrelevant answer

  • Juan Lopez

    by Juan Lopez

    This visual collaboration tool is an interesting piece of software. It has some great features, and looks like it will be a good tool for organizing p More


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Boardthing is a powerful, flexible new, web-based visual thinking and brainstorming tool that is perfectly designed to empower small teams to generate, organize and prioritize their ideas.
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  • Lawrence Burke

    by Lawrence Burke

    I've been using Boardthing to plan out story lines for videos with my team. Since some of my team are located in different areas of the city it can so More

  • Omar Granados

    by Omar Granados

    Awesome app! I was able to collaborate with a team of coworkers from across the nation as we worked together on a project. We were able to share slide More

  • Randy Ramos

    by Randy Ramos

    Boardthing should help you while organizing your ideas and making a plan, but with me it has been effective only at giving me some headache. This tool More

Paid: $25 per month. Free trial available is a tool that transforms the way teams work together. Their mission is to help teams build a culture of transparency, empowering everyone to achieve more and be happier at work.

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  • Anna Zhu

    by Anna Zhu

    Through this tool i can basically manage all the tasks for my finance team which based on different locations. My team is divided into different tasks More

  • by Christian Hicks

    This is a great tool for help teams come together and work more efficient. Just wish it had some story mapping tools in it cause that would be a great More

  • Kevin Elliott

    by Kevin Elliott

    Me and my team have to come up with plans that we all contribute too. I tried an app called My whole team has it and we use it often to wh More


Paid: $12 Free trial available
Mural is a sticky notes tool that has positioned itself as the choice to make for co-creation in remote teams, with a design thinking perspective in mind. It could be your centralized repository for all your maps and canvasses in your design process


Other platforms

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  • Richard McDonald

    by Richard McDonald

    This takes the whiteboard to a whole new level. When you need to brainstorm from different locations, this allows you to all be looking at the same vi More

  • Julia Jensen

    by Julia Jensen

    I work in a team of 11 designers from across the world. We basically work remotely on every project so it is a challenge for us to collaborate visuall More

  • Jeremy Mason

    by Jeremy Mason

    Mural is a great site to access tools for story mapping. One of the positive attributes of this site is that you can try it out for 30 days to see if  More

  • by Michael Newman

    Mural connects you to a network that makes brainstorming or story mapping easy. You won't have to suffer through doing it manually or face to face any More

  • Russell Williamson

    by Russell Williamson

    Mural is horrible for mapping tools. There isn't many options and the tools are hard to use.


Paid: $8 Free trial available
Craft is an Agile product management software to help you better plan your stories, sprints, and roadmaps.


Other platforms

  • Henry Little

    by Henry Little

    i have found craft to be extremely aesthetically pleasing and it has worked alright for my story mapping purposes. I use the different phase tools to  More

  • Jeffrey Evans

    by Jeffrey Evans

    craft is a great tool to help you with mapping tools. craft can be used for team workflow mapping. it is great for businesses who need to plan project More

  • Paul Perry

    by Paul Perry

    I have used this website to create a story map for a product I invented. It is a great way to organize and map out everything obtaining to the product More

  • by Samuel Larson

    This mapping tool has a horrible workflow. It's very complicated to use and has a steep learning curve. They should make it much more user friendly.


Paid: $4 per month. Free trial available

Upwave is a visual project management and collaboration platform for teams, improving alignment, progress tracking and productivity. This could also be integrated with your favorite tools such as Slack, Dropbox and more. 

  • Rodolfo Navarro

    by Rodolfo Navarro

    Upwave is the perfect tool for team collaboration. It tracks the task while keeping everyone updated on the task. I was able to brainstorm and come up More

  • Joshua Hoffman

    by Joshua Hoffman

    UpWave is a platform for team members to plan, track progress and get work done. I'm not sure whether this is a solution for Story Mapping Tools.

  • Gregory Graham

    by Gregory Graham

    Upwave has everything you would want and expect from a management tool. Very user friendly, too.

  • by Anna Peters

    This is a neat looking website. Everything looks super user friendly. I'm just not sure how it really applies to story mapping as I requested. It look More


Free download

*NO LONGER AVAILABLE* dapulse is a project management tool that makes it fun and easy for everyone to collaborate, focus on what's important, and get more done at work. It's the first visual tool of its kind and shows you exactly where things stand at a single glance.



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  • Angela Gu

    by Angela Gu

    dapulse is a good project management tool, and it does allow story mapping. It's not just designed for story mapping, so it may not be the best place  More

  • Larry Hopkins

    by Larry Hopkins

    The best and worst thing about the software industry is you can hire people from all over the world. I used dapulse to divvy up our user stories among More

  • Bryan Miller

    by Bryan Miller

    This is a great way to get organized and stay up to date. Any of my projects can be loaded and tracked.