Best ways to download and use snapchat on pc

1.[TUTORIAL] How to use Snapchat on Windows PC or laptop

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As the title suggests, How to use Snapchat on Windows PC or laptop is an article on Tech Advisor that features easy-to-follow steps on how to install Snapchat on PC, starting from downloading Bluestacks to taking photos.

  • Crystal Grant

    by Crystal Grant

    I love using Snapchat. I wanted a good way to use Snapchat on my Windows PC. I found How To Use Snapchat on Windows PC or Laptop. It's a relatively sh More

  • Christina Fowler

    by Christina Fowler

    I am having a hard time syncing my camera but i found a way, i made sure my camera has a built in mic so i could record snaps.

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    by janremmurt .


  • yo.queen.williamz null

    by yo.queen.williamz null

    do we have to worry about viruses?

  • Abhinav Trivedi

    by Abhinav Trivedi

    This website perfectly answered all my questions. It has a link right on the page to download Snapchat to my PC and then very clear instructions on ho More

  • by Vihaan Subramanium

    This is a pretty simple way to get Snapchat working on PC. I found it to be easy to follow the steps and had it working in about 20 mins.

2.[TUTORIAL] Download Snapchat for PC or Computer Windows

Free download
[TUTORIAL] Download Snapchat for PC or Computer Windows is a useful article on Place4Tech that teaches the users how to install the Snapchat mobile application and run it on Windows--from utilizing Bluestacks to using emojis.
  • by Justin Morris

    I had no idea you could get Snapchat for computer until I found out about Download Snapchat for PC or Computer Windows. I was able to get the fully ap More

  • by Christopher Harper

    Being able to use Snapchat on my PC was a great time saver. I no longer have to worry about my phone's battery or finding out where my phone is. It's  More

  • Javari Davis null

    by Javari Davis null

    This works GREAT!!!

  • Lisa Silva

    by Lisa Silva

    The video is very useful for giving info abt Snapchat on PC. I needed it to be urgent and it does work.

3.Download Snapchat app on PC

Free download
The first step to be able to use Snapchat on PC is to download the free Bluestacks Android Emulator. Create your account and you will see the benefits of using Snapchat on your PC vs your smartphone.
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  • Vincent Walsh

    by Vincent Walsh

    I like using Snapchat on my phone, but sometimes I wish i could view it on my computer. Well now I can thanks to this helpful guide that shows me how  More

  • Tobias Hughes

    by Tobias Hughes

    It doesn't work because snapchat thinks you have a "rooted device."

  • Angela Banks

    by Angela Banks

    Okay..why is it entitled this way?? It leads me to the download link of bluestacks. But still useful tho. Thanks!

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    as of today i tried this and it told me that it was out of date :(

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  • Jose Richardson

    by Jose Richardson

    You have to complete some steps before Snapchat is operational. Once you do though it works just as planned and is an excellent addition to the PC.

4.[TUTORIAL] How to Install Bluestacks On Windows 8.1 NEW

Free download

How to Install Bluestacks On Windows 8.1 NEW is a video by Errys Wiskan on YouTube that gives you all the clear steps you need to follow to install Bluestacks on your computer. Steps are shown so users can follow them.

  • Ryan Richardson

    by Ryan Richardson

    This tutorial shows you the best way to get going using snapchat on your PC. Just follow it's easy step and you will be ready to go in minutes


Free download

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that lets you run your favorite mobile apps and games fast and fullscreen on your Windows PC and Mac for free. It also serves as a gaming platform for mobile games that you would like to run on your desktop.

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  • Andrea Nguyen

    by Andrea Nguyen

    Great so far. I downloaded this so I could watch the kids play their games on a bigger monitor. It certainly does the job. I even appreciate art on so More

  • Zhao Huang

    by Zhao Huang

    If y'all wondering, Bluestacks 4 is now available. The bluestacks 3 is kind of obsolete for me now. The improvements are great.

6.[TUTORIAL] How to get Snapchat on PC (UPDATED 2018)

Free download

"How To Get Snapchat On PC", a video produced by Foxy Tech Tips and published on March 2017. It is an updated tutorial on how to use Snapchan on PC.

  • Rodolfo Ayala

    by Rodolfo Ayala

    My phone just broke and I badly need this tutorial. It's short and easy to follow.

7.[TUTORIAL] How to get Snapchat on PC Windows 10/8/7 (Working 2018)

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"How To Get Snapchat on PC Windows" is a video produced by Windows 10 Fix and released on February 2018. It is an updated tutorial for PC Windows. 

  • by Beverly Carpenter

    It works but only in WIndows 10 :(

8.[TUTORIAL] How to run Snapchat on Windows for Free | 2018 (Working January)

Free download

"How to run Snapchat on Windows" is a video produced by Leyer and released on July 2017. It is a free updated basic guide to run Snapchat on your PC. 

  • Robert Rose

    by Robert Rose

    this is really helpful video for snapcat on pc. I've talking to a girl overseas and I need to communicate with her 24/7

9.MEmu App Player

Free download

MEmu App Player is a free Android Emulator created by Microvirt which aims to provide its users the best experience to play Android games and apps on Windows PC. The emulator is compatible with most Windows versions.

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    I have been using this one for a while now. it's good for gaming with mobile games too.


Did you know Snapchat was first a school project from Stanford University and considered “terrible” by the professors? This multimedia messaging application was once an awful idea before it has become a multi-million revenue-gaining application. First named as “Picaboo” and they only changed its name when it was added to the Google Play. Developed by Evan Spiegel, Bobby Murphy, and Reggie Brown with the aim of communicating using short-lived images. The main feature of Snapchat is its disappearing photos or video snippets called as ‘snaps’. These snaps are customizable with various texts, filters, and stickers.

Snapchat’s potential was perhaps seen by Mark Zuckerberg, the CEO, and owner of Facebook. Zuckerberg offered Murphy 1 billion US dollar the first time he attempted to buy it but got rejected. He later came back with an offer of 3 billion US dollar but still hasn’t gotten any luck. From 46 million in 2014 to 191 million young users in the first quarter of 2018, Snapchat has penetrated the social media world in the United States. And due to its high demand, developers now find ways to have Snapchat on PC. Various articles are now released to show ways on how to download Snapchat on computers.