Best ways to use imessage on pc

Finding ways to use your iMessage on your personal computer? Fret no more! The community has gathered a bunch of software and articles that you can use and read in able to learn how to run your iMessage on your PC.

1.Chrome Remote Desktop

Free download

Chrome Remote Desktop is a tool that lets you access your computer from your Android device. Just install the chrome extension on your computer and the app on your Android devices.

  • Xu Yang

    by Xu Yang

    Very versatile and really easy to use. It also runs really smooth, which is very nice. It allows me to check my iMessage even on my PC, without any tr More

  • Rakesh Malik

    by Rakesh Malik

    yes, this one is a tool to get your imessage for windows but for you to know exactly what to do later on, i've done some research first.

  • Charlie Tian

    by Charlie Tian

    While remote desktop is useful, I don't see how it fits in with IMessage. I think there are better solutions to this problem.


Paid: $20

An iOS PC simulator that lets you use IOS apps designed for iPadian simulator and that will make you feel like your running an Apple device. It is a very helpful tool for all software developers that need to test apps and want to use Windows as an iPad.

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  • Mildred Edwards

    by Mildred Edwards

    iPadian is a simulator, not an emulator. It gives you an impression of using the iOS, so that you can see and feel the difference between Android and  More

  • Maroof Mandal null

    by Maroof Mandal null

    Don't buy if you are a developer. You cannot install any apps from app store. There are just a few apps that you can use using this emulator.


Free download

BlueStacks is an Android Emulator that lets you run your favorite mobile apps and games fast and fullscreen on your Windows PC and Mac for free. It also serves as a gaming platform for mobile games that you would like to run on your desktop.

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  • David Johnson

    by David Johnson

    Really helpful for me, since it allows any apps to run in your PC, everything is going smooth for me. I can check everything by just looking at my PC. More

  • Xiang Qiao

    by Xiang Qiao

    Bluestacks is very helpful to me in many ways. It is a program that enables a user to use any ios or android app within a windows pc. After downloadin More

  • David Castro

    by David Castro

    I needed some way to use iMessage on PC so I looked for emulators that could run it. I installed bluestacks and it did what I wanted it too. If you're More


Paid: $14.99 Varies by plan

Mirroring360 is a screen mirroring and screen sharing tool to wirelessly mirror & record your Chromebook, iPad, iPhone, Android, Windows, and Mac screens without the need for hardware or cables.

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  • Raúl Palma

    by Raúl Palma

    The setup is really simple and they offer dynamic screen recording options which is pretty cool, however you need to purchase licenses for each comput More

  • Vishal Pillai

    by Vishal Pillai

    if money is not a problem to you, and you really want to get the imessage app for windows, then go for this. after you purchase a Mirroring360 license More

  • Zachary Gordon

    by Zachary Gordon

    Let's be serious here there are so many ways to use iMessage on PC paying to use a mirror service is not one of them. I you need the service for other More

5.[TUTORIAL] How to Use iMessage on Windows Computer

Free download

In this step-by-step article by iMyFone shows that can you learn different efficient and useful tips and tricks to use iMessage app on your Windows computer.

  • Rodrigo Flores

    by Rodrigo Flores

    Kind of an annoying way to use iMessage on Windows, but it's also free. So it's kind of a coin flip in that department. Give it a look, because it works. I just think there are more fluid ways out there to do it with.


Paid: $14.95 Varies by plan

LonelyScreen is an AirPlay Receiver for Windows and OSX, cast iPhone/iPad screen to PC/Mac easily music, movies, and screen mirroring. This allows users to cast anything from your iPhone or iPad to your computer screen.

  • Jean Burton

    by Jean Burton

    I do not recommend the LonelyScreen program. If you want to use iMessage on the PC, I feel like there are better options. I do not think the quality of this program is worth the price of 19.95/year. You can find a much more affordable option.

7.[TUTORIAL] How to Get iMessage for Windows PC

Free download

iMessage on PC: How to Get iMessage for Windows PC is an article written by Suresh Sharma on the TechnoTechie website. It is a tutorial published on August 14, 2018. It teaches readers how to install the iMessage software into Windows computers.

  • Rup Kumar

    by Rup Kumar

    iMessage on pc is one of the most popular features of iOS. It also has support for Mac, which makes this multi-platform communication tool really suitable.

8.3 Effective Tips on How to Use iMessage on PC

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3 Effective Tips on How to Use iMessage on PC is an article published on the Bitwar website which aims to help users to run and use iMessage on Windows computers. *NO LONGER AVAILABLE*

3 Effective Tips on How to Use iMessage on PC

3 Effective Tips on How to Use iMessage on PC

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  • 少红 张

    by 少红 张

    You are not alone to look for iMessage on Windows from the Internet, actually it’s quite common seen demands because of the Windows system is still the most used operating system in the world. Use iMessage on Windows PC is an effective way to keep in More

9.[TUTORIAL] How to Get iMessage on Windows PC

Free download

This is an article written to get readers tips on how to get iMessage on Windows PC. The article is divided into parts in order for readers to fully understand how to operate the iMessage for your personal computers.

  • Amanda Yi

    by Amanda Yi

    Really helpful! They have a detailed step by step guide and this one really help me on getting my iMessage work on my PC. Love it! ❤

10.[TUTORIAL] iMessage on PC

Free download

iMessage on PC – Download iMessage for Windows 10 & Mac to Use iMessage Online is an article tutorial which aims to help users on ways to use iMessage on Windows and macOS.

  • Goto Got

    by Goto Got

    iMessageforWindows10 provide step by step ways to use imessage on PC. You can read how to download imessage on Windows by using different method and also get information about how to use imessage on Android.

11.[TUTORIAL] Want iMessage on Your Windows PC?

Free download

This article was written by Andrew Martin of Apple Toolbox website entitled Want iMessage on Your Windows PC? discusses the possible options on how to access iMessage on computers on all types of devices. 

  • Katherine Franklin

    by Katherine Franklin

    i've been an iphone user for as long as i can remember and i'm unable to access imessage when i'm at work because we are using windows pc. this article helped me a lot in solving my dilemma. i can now use imessage on computer, thanks to this. i just  More


Did you know why 9:41 AM is always the time displayed on Apple products? Maybe you haven’t noticed it yet but every single Apple product - MacBook, iPad, iPhone - in promotional photos shows exactly the same time. Random coincidence, you think? Obviously not. In Apple, there’s a reason for everything and it had to do with Steve Jobs and his very carefully crafted product launch presentations. Initially, that time used to be 9:42. You could check it across their old commercials, print ads, and even on product’s photos on Apple’s website. When Steve Jobs announced the launched of the very first iPhone in 2007, exactly 42 minutes into his keynote address, a picture of the iPhone displaying the time 9:42 popped up on the screen behind him. According to former iOS chief Scott Forstall, "We design the keynotes so that the big reveal of the product happens around 40 minutes into the presentation. When the big image of the product appears on the screen, we want the time shown to be close to the actual time on the audience's watches. But we know we won't hit 40 minutes exactly." So just to be safe, the team gave themselves extra minutes in the event of any slight holdups and delays and set 9:42 in product photos. But all that changed in 2010, when the very first iPad was released. During the product reveal, it displayed a different time: 9:41. But why did the time change? As Jobs practiced his presentation, it seemed he would unveil the product at 9:41. So the image was set to 9:41 AM instead. "It turned out we were pretty accurate with that estimate, so for the iPad, we made it 41 minutes. And there you are--the secret of the magic time."

One of Apple’s most favorite apps of all time is the iMessage which works on iPhone, iPad, and Mac. It is a free chat app that allows you to have a fully encrypted conversation with fellow iOS users as long as you are connected to the internet. There are people who would want to access their iMessage on computers. In 2018, Microsoft revealed that they want to work with Apple to create an iMessage app for Windows. But it’s unlikely that Apple will ever come out with iMessage for Windows or Android.