IPVanish vs PIA

IPVanish vs PIA

When comparing two different VPNs, it's helpful to consider what functionality you need and which VPNs provide. Private Internet Access and IPVanish are two big names in the VPN world, and both may give you a reason to believe they're the best option to pick.

We're here to help cover the essential functionality that both offer and provide a clear comparison between the two, enabling you to decide confidently if you're looking to choose between these VPN powerhouses. But before we do that, let's quickly look at why we'd use a VPN, to begin with so we know what functionality and requirements we're looking for.

Aside from the fact that you can keep yourself protected while using free wifi, there are many reasons why a VPN can be beneficial. Masking your IP address also means doing so from your Internet Service Provider (ISP) and your government, which allows you complete anonymity online. Furthermore, doing so is a crucial step to take if you regularly torrent media online.

Let’s compare IPVanish and Private Internet Access to see which will keep you secure, provide fast speeds and place your online security as a priority. We will be allocating a winner for each functionality, so you can quickly scan to see who has won if you’re in a rush!



Boasting a multitude of features, IPVanish touts online safety as their primary focus. Through advanced encryptions, they promise their VPN is the go-to for complete online anonymity. IPVanish has many landing pages, all self-proclaiming the VPN as the world's fastest VPN, which we'll be looking to put to the test.


Private Internet Access

Private Internet Access quickly highlights the cutting-edge technological features that can set them apart from the regular everyday VPN. Similarly, they run an open-source policy, allowing anyone to inspect their software, further emphasising they have nothing to hide with how good their service is.

IPVanish vs PIA

One user even goes so far as to praise PIA for their open source transparency, an effort not met by some of the other top VPNs on the market.


VPN Speeds

The importance of speed drastically depends on how one intends to use a VPN. Slower speeds may not be as noticeable with general site browsing but would make streaming virtually impossible should the speed be inconsistent. Speeds are also dependent on the location from which you're based and the server you wish to access; as such, the average speeds we have seen may not be the same for everyone.


IPVanish vs PIA

IPVanish vs PIA

Private Internet Access

IPVanish vs PIA


Privacy and Anonymity

Privacy is one of the top priorities when investing in a VPN. Being connected to the internet means that your actions and presence is being monitored. To combat this, you need a VPN to re-route that connection and mask your activities.

Whether you're looking to mask your internet habits from your internet service provider or protect yourself while using unsecured wifi, here are some things to consider when looking at privacy:

1) Does the provider keep logs?

If so, this means that the VPN is logging information on your use or you as a user

2) Where is the provider based?

Certain countries have different laws surrounding VPNs and their logs, another element to keep in mind.

Unfortunately, both providers are located within the US, which means they fall under the jurisdiction of 5/9/14 Eyes Alliance. What this essentially means is that the government can demand the handover of logs on individuals under investigation.

Despite this, both Private Internet Access and IPVanish operate under a strict no-logs policy. IPVanish has had its entire privacy policy revamped under its new management in 2019, while Private Internet Access has a strict no-logs policy from the get-go.

The government has also called upon private Internet Access in 2015 & 2017 to hand over logs, yet they had no data logged.

Due to both VPNs operating under similar policies, neither come out on top in this area. However, users can rejoice as this means both options are great for privacy. On the same note, both enable P2P connections, meaning they both actively support torrenting.

IPVanish vs PIA

One Reddit user raises a complaint that they’ve experienced Incorrect IP addresses and captcha bombardment when using some sites. Captcha bombardment means that the sites are flagging your connection as a botted connection and forces you to complete a captcha to tell the site you are a human user. These captchas can bring your browsing speeds to a halt as you have to re-enter them after entering a new website. Certainly a point to make note of.


Server Access

Your ability to find a great VPN connection often relies on the server availability offered by each provider. Too few servers and you may find your speed drop as you are sharing the same server with hundreds of others. At the same time, a lack of global coverage could mean you have to connect to a server far from your current location, placing further struggle on your connectivity strength and speeds.


IPVanish is transparent with their server locations and total number. Users can expect access to over 1900 servers in 75+ regions, providing enough coverage for most users. We recommend diving a little bit deeper and contacting IPVanish's support to make sure you have a server near you for those that live in remote regions.

IPVanish vs PIA

One user praises IPVanish for being simple, speedy and reliable but tops it off with saying they have a good selection of servers.

Private Internet Access

PIA doesn't openly divulge their total server count on their website; however, users can expect over 35,000 servers in 78 countries. A full list of countries covered can be found on their website so you can be sure you know which is closest to you before you take a deeper look into PIA.

Private internet access has the right server for you

While there isn't a great deal separating the two in global coverage, PIA's sheer volume of servers far outweighs what IPVanish has to offer. It's not likely that all of these servers will be of excellent quality, but there is a more considerable opportunity to sift through the server list and find one that gives you a good speed and tailors to your location.



Complete security is arguably the main reason to invest in a VPN. Being secure through a VPN means keeping your actual IP address hidden from prying eyes while ensuring your connection remains uncrackable and active at all times.


IPVanish uses AES 256-bit VPN encryption which is considered the standard for VPN security. This is deemed to be uncrackable and provides the highest protection possible against brute force attacks. IPVanish does, however, have additional security features, including a kill switch - which prevents your IP Address from leaking should your connection with the VPN drop.

Unfortunately, the killswitch is only available for macOS and Windows, making it unavailable to mobile devices.

IPVanish also uses DNS leak prevention technology to ensure your real IP address isn't accidentally leaked to the websites you're doing through your ISP's DNS servers.

Private Internet Access

Similarly to IPVanish, Private Internet Access uses an AES 256-bit VPN connection to keep your browsing secure. PIA constantly places a spotlight on their security, so it's great to see them add multiple features to this area.

PIA also offers a killswitch, enabling you to stay secure even when your connection drops. Similarly, PIA uses IPv6 leak protection and DNS leak protection technology to ensure your IP address doesn't fall through the cracks unexpectedly. By checking through PIA's settings, you can also enable malware and tracking protection and various firewall settings to give you an extra level of security.

IPVanish vs PIA

One Reddit user shares their experience with using PIA and details that they’ll continue to renew their subscription and carry on using PIA as their VPN of choice. A choice we don’t think would have been made if the security was poor.

Private Internet Access takes the crown for security.

When it comes to security features, PIA comes out on top to ensure your security is top of mind at all times. For those more tech savvy, their settings provide an additional means to tighten security and to make the most use of what’s available.



Many of us use multiple devices daily, whether while commuting, having a coffee, taking a break at work or otherwise. Levering your VPN on all devices is a surefire way to keep yourself safe at all times of the day. Regardless of where you're accessing the internet and what device you choose to do so through.


IPVanish has made connectivity a priority by offering apps for most major platforms; these include IOS, Android, macOS, Windows and Linux. Users can also install IPVanish on routers with the right know-how, ensuring network-wide VPN security.

Similarly, IPVanish is also available on Windows Phone, Chromebook and Fire TV.

Connectivity shouldn't be a second thought, says IPVanish, as they allow unlimited device connections under a single account, enabling you to add the VPN to every device you own without an extra charge. This is a big step up from most VPNs that offer 3-5 devices on average.

Private Internet Access

PIA has some tough shoes to fill but manages to stand on their feet with equal device coverage. PIA covers Windows, macOS, Android, IOS and Linux. PIA also offers browser extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera. Unfortunately, users on IOS can't leverage the ad blocking feature and have to use the IPsec protocol rather than OpenVPN.

With the right know-how, you can also install PIA onto your router for network coverage.

PIA is available on ten devices through a single account, enough to cover your devices and partners or multiple devices for each family member.

IPVanish puts the connect in connectivity

In the grand scheme of things, not covering more than ten devices under one account is a feature that will rarely see contention. However, IPVanish does offer more flexibility and potential by allowing unlimited device connections. In addition, having the ability to use your VPN on your Windows Phone, Chromebook and Fire TV adds further connectivity options, which truly allow you to keep your devices secure.


Customer Support

Having someone on hand that can guide you through a problem can be an invaluable time-saver, but it also requires an active support option for users to use when they need it. While many of us would love instantaneous support, that luxury isn't always available. If we don't solve a problem quickly, we may turn to a competitor that cares about finding a solution.


At the time of writing, IPVanish offers a support centre that can provide extensive information on any query. Underneath this section is a real-time service status tracker that quickly allows you to see whether your issues are a server issue, potentially saving your time searching for a problem you can't solve yourself.

IPVanish provides dedicated phone numbers for seven different countries, and users can use an active response live chat function through their homepage. Failing that, you can submit a request and await a response via email.

IPVanish vs PIA

Despite the options, one Reddit user voiced their displeasure with the wait times from IPVanish’s support.

Private Internet Access

PIA, like IPVanish, have a dedicated 24/7 live chat function on their site, allowing you to quickly get in touch with an agent and ask a question. Outside of this, PIA has a plethora of information in their knowledge centre, guides and walkthroughs, including an extensive FAQ section.

After scouring through this area, it quickly becomes apparent that many of the common problems we may face using a VPN could be solved without ever having to talk to someone.

IPVanish vs PIA

However, as one user has voiced, when they tried to get in touch with PIA support, they were met with no-response, bar auto-generated messages, leaving them frustrated.

IPVanish vs PIA

On follow up, another user expressed how they have faced similar circumstances. These interactions don’t paint PIA’s human support as reliable.

Private Internet Access has your back

Both providers are on top of their game when looking to aid their customers, whether it be a simple request or a complex issue. PIA shines with its detailed knowledge centre, which leaves IPVanish outmatched at every angle, including ease of use, but be wary as user reviews suggest that their human support isn’t as helpful as they make it out to be.

Summary Overview







Logging Policy

No Logging

No Logging

Torrenting / P2P



Servers & Countries

1900+ Servers

75 Countries

35,000 Servers

78 Countries


AES 256-bit

AES 256-bit

Simultaneous Connections

Unlimited Devices

10 Devices

Supported Platforms

IOS, Android, macOS, Windows,Linux, Windows Phone, Chromebook and Fire TV, Router

Windows, macOS, Android, IOS and Linux with extensions for Chrome, Firefox and Opera

User Perception



Who should you choose?

Private Internet Access took the lead early and continues strong through our comparison. Despite both PIA and IPVanish offering similar benefits in the privacy and anonymity department, PIA soared ahead in server access, security, and a helpful knowledge centre.

If access to a VPN on ten devices just does cut it for you, then IPVanish is a solid alternative to getting true, unlimited coverage. Another important note is that both of these VPNs offer extensive server coverage. Due to the servers available, you can expect to find a server that suits your needs and provides an adequate speed.

Changing through servers will enable you to find the one that provides the most optimum speed for your location. PIA sheer volume of servers and automatic connection to the closest will make finding the right server easier, or failing that, give you a plethora of servers to find which is best for you.

Whatever your online needs, Private Internet Access has you covered.