10 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features

10 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features

Is it worth upgrading your Android mobile to get your hands on Android Marshmallow’s features? Check out the new features that came with Marshmallow and think about whether you want them in your life.

Now on Tap


Google Now has always been a great tool for Android users, but now it comes even faster. Just hold the “Home” button on your device and wait a few seconds for a lot of information about what you’re doing – everything related to what you are reading, watching or listening to.

Faster sharing

Android has always been an operating system that makes it easy to share items between users. Now Google has applied a new system that can make it even faster. This is Direct Share, which adds people and applications more frequently in much simpler sharing options.

Unlock by touch

From now on, the support for biometric sensors will be native. It is worth mentioning that this feature depends on the hardware used by the manufacturers.


Stronger security with a verified boot

When your device boots, the verified boot feature alerts you if the Android firmware and operating system are different from the factory version so that you know you are getting the pure Android experience.

New permissions

Unlike in previous versions, Android Marshmallow is much clearer about the permissions that each application requires before it can be used. Instead of all permissions being requested at the time of installation, they will be displayed gradually and according to the device’s needs at every given moment.


Automatic Backup

A feature for those who love formatting or switching devices a lot is automatic backup. By enabling it, you can synchronize applications and settings much more quickly and securely.

Voice Features

From now on, voice recognition features are no longer restricted to Google’s own applications. Using new development kits, other apps can take advantage of voice recognition to integrate voice commands with the OS.

Smart battery

10 Android 6.0 Marshmallow Features

Intelligent battery usage can really help you manage your device’s power. It can stop background applications from consuming processes and suspend heavier tasks during idle periods. Both of these should help to prevent you from running out of battery when you need it the most.

USB Type C

By switching the connectors to the USB Type C standard, Google has added native support for the technology. Now the devices can transfer data much faster.

Flexible storage

With this new option, users can use external storage as part of internal memory. This means applications and games can be installed on an external drive. Flexible Storage encrypts applications and data on your SD card so that they become locked to your device. This feature depends on the hardware used by the manufacturers.

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