10 Cut-Rate Gadgets You Can Buy Guilt Free

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Who says you have to break the bank to enjoy some of the coolest technology around? Get more for less with these ten affordable gadgets that scream value for money… so now there’s no excuse not to treat yourself.

1. XXL Shower Speaker ($99,99 $19.99)

10 Cut-Rate Gadgets You Can Buy Guilt Free

Sing along to your favorite hits with this IPX4-rated waterproof Bluetooth speaker that pumps out 3W of sound. With a 6-hour battery life and an upgraded sound chip, you’ll be rocking away to your morning scrub until you prune up like a tortoise. You can even make calls – perfect if you need to let your boss know you’ll be a bit late. With 80% off the retail price, you’d be a fool not to enjoy your showers with a song or two.

2. Illumibowl 2.0 ($14.99 $12.99)

Never miss the bowl again with this stylish nightlight for your toilet. No more squinting sleepily under the glare of your bathroom light; just a subtle glow that leads you to relief. With motion-sensing technology, it’s ready when you are, and a sumptuous selection of colors will ensure it matches the tasteful decor of your most private room. It’s going for $12.99 – a 13% discount off its retail price – so now’s the perfect time to grab one while stocks last.

3. Aqua Water Flosser ($149.99  $33.99)

If seesawing a strip of plastic between your teeth sounds like torture, this water flosser is for you. Recommended by dentists, it directs a stream of water between your teeth to give them a thorough yet gentle clean. There are three modes to handle your specific needs, and it’s up to five times more effective than traditional flossing – making the fiddly wrap-it-around-your-finger technique seem medieval in comparison. Better yet, at $33.99 it comes with an enormous 77% discount. That’s a small price to pay for fewer visits to the dentist.

4. 1080p HD Waterproof WiFi Wireless Endoscopic Camera ($99.99  $39.99)

It bends. It twists. It gets into those hard-to-reach places… this Neva Tech endoscopic HD waterproof camera gives you an inside view of all those hidden areas your smartphone can’t reach. With 1080p recording and an IP68 waterproof rating, you can wirelessly send photos and videos to your smartphone and figure out exactly what’s clogging your pipes (you’ll probably want to wash it afterward, though). For a limited time only, you can own this flexible camera kit for just $39.99 – a huge 60% off the usual price.

5. HD Dash Cam ($59.99  $24)

This suction-mounted dash cam records everything it sees – be it the dangerous driver in front, or the beautiful open road. Either way, you’ve got a digital copy of your driving experiences, which you can use to defend against costly crashes or relive memorable drives. With a motion sensor, infrared night vision, and a 4x optical zoom, you’re packing enough technology to capture every aspect of your trip in stunning HD detail – and at just $24, it comes with a massive 59% off the retail price.

6. Car Air Ionizer and Purifier ($24.99  $8.99)

Dogs. Fried foods. Cigarette smoke. Bad cologne. Don’t you just hate getting into your car when it stinks? Well, now you can eliminate those odors and clear the air of nasty pollutants with this combined ionizer and purifier from Tate Selection. Simply plug it into your car’s cigarette lighter and in moments you’ll be breathing in fresh air. Everyone loves that new car smell, and for just $8.99 – 62% off the usual price – you can make it last even longer (for less than the cost of a car wash).

7. 3-in-1 USB-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB cables ($29.99  $9.99)

If like me, you have a ton of devices from different manufacturers, you’ll often find yourself tangled in cables or unable to find the one that fits. Thankfully, Rawtronics has the answer with this 3-in-1 USB-C, Lightning, and MicroUSB cable. Having each one is essential, but having them all on the same cord – that’s genius. Grab one now for just $9.99, saving 65% off the retail price.

8. FRESHeBUDS Pro Magnetic Bluetooth Earbuds ($119.95 $29.95)

You’re not short of good earbuds these days, but rarely does a pair excel in every area. Some will sound great but have short battery life; others let you listen to calls but not talk. Thankfully, these Pro ‘buds from FRESHeBUDS are absolute winners. Dance the night away with a solid six hours of battery life. Listen and talk to your friends using the built-in microphone. Go running in the rain with the weather-and-sweat-proof coating. Impress your ears with audiophile sound quality. And if that’s not enough, they’re 75% off, so you can own these stunning earbuds for just $29.95.

9. Ultrabright 500 Lumen Military Tactical Flashlight – 2 pack ($100 – $17.99)

Don’t get caught in the dark with these super-luminous flashlights. Whether you’re scaring yetis away from your tent, exploring underground caves, or just trying to find the fusebox at midnight, these will do the job brilliantly. Built with military-grade aluminum for ultimate portability and a powerful 500-lumen reach of up to 1 mile, they’re the ultimate survivor’s tool. Stick one in your cupboard and one in your car for just $17.99 the pair – a whopping 82% off the retail price.

10. Outdoor Monocular Telescope with Portable Tripod ($199.99 – $54.99)

Observe stars, planets, and other stellar phenomena with this monocular telescope. With 90x magnification, you can examine moon craters, saturn’s rings, or the smudge of distant galaxies. Or simply stay terrestrial and explore birds and other wildlife in incredible detail without scaring them away. With a bright 50mm aperture you’ll enjoy jaw-dropping detail, even in low light. And at $54.99 – an incredible 72% off – stargazing has never been so affordable.

That concludes our list of great-value gadgets that give more for less. Did you see something you like? If not, why not share the article with friends and family – you never know who might need that glowing toilet bowl, especially if their aim’s a bit off!

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