10 fantastic apps for Android that iPhone will never have

10 fantastic apps for Android that iPhone will never have

Android vs iPhone – it’s that never-ending battle. While iOS has plenty of things going for it (not to mention beautiful devices, we can’t deny that), Android regularly comes out on top for various reasons.

There are a bunch of excellent apps that are individually exclusive to each operating system – we’ve put together some of our favorite ones that are only available on Android!

Here are 10 of the best available on Android that iOS can only dream of having.

1. Google Opinion Rewards

There are many apps that promise to make you money, but very few offer the security that Google Opinion Rewards offers. It’s simple – after registering yourself with the app, it’ll start to send you surveys. Once you start completing the surveys, you’ll be rewarded with credits, which you can use to pay for items on the Google Play Store. In fact, some of the apps mentioned below are paid apps – so what better way to spend your credits?


2. ES File Explorer

iOS is a very closed operating system. So closed, that it won’t allow you to go into your folders and move things around as you please. Android is different – and while its operating system has its own file browser, it’s a much better idea to install an external one. For this, we recommend ES File Explorer. This clever app lets you review all your files and easily view which ones are taking up the most space on your phone. It also allows you to delete apps you may not use, as well as explore your media and control the content you have in the cloud.

3. Turbo Booster

Turbo Booster is a tool that cleans unnecessary files from the memory of your Android device in order to boost its performance. It has three main functions: deleting residual files, cleaning the RAM memory, and helping you get rid of the applications you don’t use anymore. Turbo Booster solves these issues in a fast and simple manner. The difference you’ll see varies according to device, but your Android phone’s performance will definitely be improved.

4. ADV Screen Recorder

Capturing what you see on your mobile’s screen can be an extremely useful tool for various reasons. The problem with iOS is that this process is impossible without the use of a PC (or rather a Mac) to hand. For Android, you’ve got ADV Screen Recorder, that allows you to capture exactly what’s happening on your screen at any time, and makes it easy for you to share it with whoever and wherever!


5. Unclouded

How many cloud storage services are you currently using? The chances are you’re probably using Drive, Dropbox or Mega, not to mention the data on your Gmail or Google Photos. The turth is, when you have to juggle several of them, it can at times get a little messy. Luckily, for Android, Unclouded helps you manage all of these accounts in one platform! The app has a free version which allows you to manage two services at the same time. If you want to synch more, you can pay for the Pro version. Why not start using Google Opinion Rewards to get it for free?


6. Light Flow Lite

If your device is filled with loads of apps, it’s very likely that every now and then you miss an important notification. Although not all notifications are important, what if you were to be notified when one was? Well, this is possible thanks to Light Flow Lite, an app that allows you to set different tones, sounds, vibrations and LED light colors to your device, depending on the importance of the notifcation. The Lite version gives you access to just some of the services available, however if you pay for the full version, you obviously get much more.

7. Nova Launcher

Depending on the brand and specific operating system, every Android device has a launcher, ie – different looks for your menus and home screen. We all know this is just not an option for iOS. With Android, there are various apps available that allow you to play around with the appearance of your screen, and one of them is Nova Launcher.

Nova allows you to play with these settings in a really fun way, and lets you change everything from the menu layout to the icons on your homescreen. The way your phone looks is completely in your hands!


8. KLWP Live Wallpaper Maker

Once you’ve played around with the Nova Launcher, why not go one step further and apply a funky new wallpaper? This app allows you to change your wallpaper in a way like never before, giving you the ability to add various widgets (including clocks, battery icons, etc) in many different sizes and designs!


9. AirDroid

We live our lives glued to our phones, however when we need to do certain things, we may wish that the screen were bigger or that typing wasn’t such a chore. Fear not – Android has the answer! AirDroid is an app that allows you to connect your phone to your PC, so that you can control it from the comfort of your computer, without having to plug anything in. It allows you to send files directly, answer messages with the PC keyboard as well as manage your contacts.

Once installed on your device, AirDroid is connected to your computer using a QR code or a URL that the app will provide you with. It couldn’t be easier!


10. uTorrent- Torrent Downloader

Downloading Torrents is a common activity for many of us, but did you know you can also do it on your Android device? There are many options of apps on the Google Play Store that allow you to download these types of files, but we recommend this classic. As the Apple App Store is so strict with its policies on apps, it’s almost impossible to find anything of this kind available on iOS.

Do you know of anymore great apps that are only available on Android? Let us know in the comments!

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