10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About

Apps glorious apps. Our phones are full of them. We’ve got so many apps on our phones that it is hard to keep track of them. It would be a nightmare to have to update them manually all the time. Hell, it is a nightmare to have to give the app permission to update itself every time it asks. The inevitable result of all of this is, is that we let our apps update automatically.

Now this might make our lives easier and our phones a lot more secure against malware attacks but it does have one negative side effect. Most of us don’t even know what our apps are capable of as new features keep getting added in every now and then without us knowing what they are. So it is about time we check in with our favorite apps…

10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About

1. Make your travel wish list on Google Maps

10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About google maps

As somebody who loves travelling, I had to start with this one. Google has upgraded its favorite places feature on Google Maps from placing a golden star to dropping a Save on Place card. You can still mark everywhere you want to go as “Favorites” but why not use that to mark all the favorite places you’ve already visited now that you can mark all your wish list locations with the new “Want to go” feature.

Google Maps’ New Feature will save you Time

2. Find places with Wi-Fi on Facebook

Facebook Will Soon help you Find Free Wi-Fi all Over the World

This is another great new feature for budding travelers but thanks to limited data plans this will be useful for anybody looking to get online. Now I’m sure you didn’t miss the tutorial we featured on how to find Wi-Fi using Facebook, but if you did you can get it by clicking the link below.

Facebook Will Soon help you Find Free Wi-Fi all Over the World

3. Gmail now replies for you

You read that right. There is no longer any need to recoil in horror at the number of emails you have waiting for you when you open your inbox. Gmail now has the ability to offer you a series of quick fire responses based on the context of the email you’ve just received. All you need to do is scroll down to the bottom of the email and if Gmail believes it is an email that warrants a response it’ll give you 3 smart replies to choose from.

10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About Gmail Smart Replies

4. The Gmail features working in the background

Email is a way in for hackers and cyber-criminals these days and the folks over a Gmail know it. They’ve been working tirelessly to improve Gmail’s security protocols including virus scanners and even the ability to spot fake links. This isn’t something that’ll be overtly noticeable but you’ll be getting less scam emails than you used to.

5. Share any file on WhatsApp

The latest WhatsApp update opened up the possibility of sending all file types using the popular messaging service and increased the maximum file size. The file size limit for the new sharing capabilities will be 128mb for iOS, 64mb on the web and 100mb on Android. To find out how to take advantage of this new feature click the link below.

How to Send ALL Types of File on WhatsApp

6. Spotify codes

10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About spotify codes

It is now easier than ever to share songs with people on Spotify. All you have to do is open the menu next to any song or album and you’ll see a code that looks a little like a soundwave. If you’re friend, on their phone, then clicks on the camera icon next to the search box and scans the code they’ll have the song in an instant.

7. Facebook is a GIF maker

GIFs have been around forever and they’ve never been more popular. In their never-ending mission to try and stop users from leaving their domain Facebook has given users the facility to make GIFs within the Facebook app. You’ll know if GIF mode has been added to your phone if it is available when you open camera mode within Facebook.

10 Super Features your Favorite apps have that Nobody Knows About netflix8. Download films and series on Netflix

Ok, so you might already know about this but if you don’t, OH MY GOD you can download films and series on Netflix now!!!!!!!

Yep, all you have to do is open the sidebar menu on the Netflix app and you’ll see a new section “Available for Download”.

In your face subway.

9. Turn down the hate on Twitter

Twitter has now made it easier for users to mute accounts that they don’t want to hear from. All you have to do if you want to mute somebody is go the Notifications tab, click on the Settings icon and then click Advanced Filters. You can then enjoy the peace and quiet. If you want to extend the tranquility to the wider internet you should check out the Chrome extension below.

This Chrome Extension will Hide the Internet’s Hate

10. Track your friends on Snapchat, Facebook, Google Maps and Apple Maps

You can now send your live location and consequently, track the live location of your friends and family using a plethora of apps. We looked at this function in greater detail a while back, so if you’re wondering how to do it or even whether you should do it, you should check out the links below.

This is how and when to Share your Location Safely

Facebook knows where you are Right Now. This is how to Change That.

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