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20 Great Things You Can Do With Adobe Creative Cloud

20 Great Things You Can Do With Adobe Creative Cloud
Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

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Adobe Creative Cloud (CC) is a dream come true for any graphic designer. This powerful suite includes more than 20 programs built for photo and video editing as well as creating digital illustrations. Among them, you’ll find popular and award-winning tools such as Photoshop, Illustrator, and Lightroom. With this amazing collection of software, it’s clear why Creative Cloud is the first choice of professional developers and designers around the world.

With Black Friday around the corner, why don’t you take this chance to get a subscription to Creative Cloud? If you’re still unsure about it, keep reading because today we’ll share with you 20 great things that you can do with Adobe CC.

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Change facial expressions from any photo

Adobe Photoshop CC lets you scan the facial features of any picture and easily enhance them with its Face-Aware Liquify tool. You’ll also be able to change the expression of your model just by moving a few sliders, making it very easy to get the perfect portrait.

Face-Aware Liquify tool

Fix blurry pictures

There are few things as frustrating as taking a great photo and then realizing it’s blurry. Thanks to the Shake Reduction tool from Photoshop you’ll be able to sharpen your picture in just a few clicks.

Shake Reduction tool

Add dummy text

When testing the layout of text content in a picture, one will typically turn to the well-known Lorem Ipsum placeholder text. Adobe Photoshop CC will save you precious minutes thanks to its tool to automatically add this dummy text into your projects.

Paste Lorem Ipsum tool

Edit your pictures from your mobile

Android and iOS users are able to easily import and edit any picture stored in the cloud with the help of their smartphone thanks to the Adobe Photoshop Fix app.

Photoshop Fix

Identify any font from a photo

Photoshop can help you identify any font you find in a picture thanks to its Match Font tool. After uploading the photo, let the software do its magic and compare the mystery font with the ones installed on your computer as well as the Adobe Fonts catalog.

Match Font tool

Export and share your assets

If you’re a graphic designer, you’re probably losing a lot of precious time exporting files to share with your clients. Adobe Illustrator CC can help you increase your productivity thanks to its helpful tool to export all your assets in seconds.

Export your assets Illustrator

Make perfect shapes

Being able to draw symmetrical shapes is vital for any designer, though it’s not always an easy task. Adobe Illustrator includes a useful tool that will turn any poorly hand-drawn shape into perfect geometric vector art.

Vector art Illustrator

Design your own fonts

Thanks to Illustrator, you’ll be able to quickly design and create fonts that will give identity to your brand or project. Starting from a sketch, just follow Adobe’s step-by-step process and surprise everyone with your personalized fonts.

Font design in Illustrator

Add color and edit your strokes

The Live Paint tool in Illustrator will let you draw and paint like you would on a canvas and then turn every single stroke into a vector. This way you’ll be able to freely turn your ideas into color and then easily edit them with just a few clicks.

Live Paint tool in Illustrator

Draw and design from your mobile

With Adobe Illustrator Draw (Android/iOS) you’ll be able to draw, design, and send your projects to Photoshop and Illustrator right from the screen of your smartphone or tablet.

Adobe Illustrator Draw

Keep your text’s original formatting

When you copy and paste some text from Word to any Adobe app, it will typically lose its formatting. Using InDesign there’s a workaround to this setback thanks to its option to keep the formatting of all your documents.

Keep formatting Indesign

Create HDR panoramas

Do you want to surprise everyone with a picture of a breathtaking landscape? Adobe Lightroom includes a tool that will let you merge a large number of photos into a single one, creating amazing HDR panoramas.

HDR Panorama

Correct the alignment of your pictures

Thanks to Lightroom’s Upright Guided feature you’ll be able to correct the perspective of any picture in just a few seconds.

Upright Guided

Create a responsive web design

As a web designer, you already know how important it is that your site is responsive. Sometimes this is easier said than done, but don’t worry. Dreamweaver can help you create attractive and responsive websites in record time.

Adobe Dreamweaver

Edit CSS in a visual editor

Dreamweaver includes a CSS Designer Panel that will let you add and edit your site’s CSS as well as see all the changes in real-time.

Dreamweaver Designer Panel

Design and integrate animations

With Adobe Animate you can design and create interactive animations for videogames, tv shows, and websites. You can also make dynamic avatars and doodles, as well as breath life into all of your infographics.

Adobe Animate

Auto-generate captions

Need subtitles for your videos? Adobe Premiere Pro can auto-generate captions for all your videos with its improved transcription and caption tools.

Color matching made easy

Thanks to Adobe Sensei’s AI and the Lumetri Color panel, you’ll be able to easily adjust and edit the color of your videos with Adobe Premiere Pro.

Lumetri Control panel

Find perfect images for all your projects

Download stock images and photos, videos, audio footage, royalty-free templates, and vector illustrations suitable for any project with the help of Adobe Stock’s catalog.

Adobe Stock in English

Easily sync with all Adobe apps

Thanks to the cloud, you’ll be able to seamlessly create, edit and synchronize all your projects with the entire Adobe CC suite.

Man with computer

Unleash your creative power

Adobe Creative Cloud is a powerful suite that will help you create anything you can imagine, always with professional results. What are you waiting for?

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Mireia Fernández

Mireia Fernández

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