23 keyboard shortcuts to make the most of your music on Spotify

23 keyboard shortcuts to make the most of your music on Spotify

Spotify is one of the most popular programs for streaming music, and you may find that a lot of time can be lost while you’re scrolling and clicking in order to manage your music. Luckily, Spotify has some great keyboard shortcuts, to ensure that you’ll never miss a beat again!

As they’re very similar to other programs, they’re very easy to learn, , but don’t hesitate in adding this page as a favorite so it’s always to hand! You’ll be a Spotify master in no time at all!

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23 keyboard shortcuts for Spotify

Ctrl+N – Create a new list

Ctrl+X – Cut

Ctrl+C – Copy

Ctrl+Alt+C – Copy

Ctrl+V – Paste

Del – Delete

Ctrl+A – Select all

Space – Pause

Ctrl + Right – Next track

Ctrl + Left – Previous track

Ctrl + Up – Increase volume

Ctrl + Down – Decrease volume

Ctrl + Shift + Down – Minimum volume

Ctrl + Shift + Up – Maximum volume

F1 – Show help

Ctrl + F – Filter songs / lists

Ctrl + L – Search box

Alt + Left – Go back

Alt + Right – Go forward

Enter – Play selected list

Ctrl + P – Favorites

Ctrl + Shift + W – Sign out of current user

Alt + F4 – Close Spotify

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