4 Awesome Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

4 Awesome Easter Eggs in Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas

Easter eggs are always fun to find in video games, but Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas offers up some of the best. To get in on the fun of finding hidden Easter Eggs in the game, check out the following:

1. Gant Bridge

If you get to the top of Gant Bridge, you’ll find a sign that states “No Easter Eggs Up Here. Go Away.” But that’s not all; when you go to Katie Zhan’s house, there’s a visitor center below that contains facts about the Gant Bridge, including a joke about the bridge’s size in terms of the megabytes the actual bridge takes up on the player’s hard drive.

GTA San Andreas - Gant Bridge - Easter Eggs

2. Chaos Mode and State of Emergency

Attention: Possible spoiler ahead with a cheat code for PC users!!!!

Rockstar Games put out a game called State of Emergency in 2001. In this game, the player could enter the cheat code “Chaos Mode” in order to make everything go haywire. In Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, the PC player can enter “STATEOFEMERGENCY” in order to enter Chaos Mode. This subtle nod to Rockstar Game’s past should not go unnoticed.

When you enter this code when playing on a PC, the entire city erupts in chaos with people running everywhere, buildings catching on fire, emergency vehicles out in full force, and violence erupting from all sides. If you want to experience all that Grand Theft Auto has to offer on PC, use this code and find out how wild things can get for yourself.

3. Poking Fun at Competitors

If you visit Unity Station, you can find a billboard that Rockstar Games used to poke fun at competitors. At the time of its development, Grand Theft Auto’s franchise was being challenged by, among other games, True Crime: Streets of L.A. The billboard mentioned above states, “True Grime: Sweeping Streets,” a direct dig at the competition.

You can also find a somewhat-veiled dig at the competition when you visit the War Memorial near Hippy Shopper in San Fierro. There, you’ll find a headstone etched with, “R.I.P. Opposition: 1997-2004”. This reference is aimed at rival game companies that tried to copy Grand Theft Auto’s style and tone. Keep in mind that the first Grand Theft Auto game came out in 1997.

4. North Rock

Because Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas was produced by Rockstar Games North, the game also features an actual rock named Rock North, a direct reference to the team that helped create the game.

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