5 must have apps for Star Wars fans

5 must have apps for Star Wars fans

Episode 7 is nearly here. We are all begin to feel the Force Awaken within us, even the most cynical old Star Wars fan is finding it hard to contain their excitement. Which is why this week’s show is dedicated to 5 Apps from everyone’s favorite far off galaxy.

Star Wars

Confusingly this week’s first Star Wars app is just called Star Wars (iOS|Android). This is an official fan portal produced by Disney, which provides everything you could possibly want to know about the movies. With access to all of the latest Star Wars news, multimedia content, events, and announcements, this is an essential download for fans who need to be in the know.

Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes

There is a significant overlap between gamers and fans of Star Wars, so it should come as no surprise that we have a game on our list this week. Star Wars: Galaxy of Heroes (iOS|Android) is a turn-based RPG that has you collect and upgrade characters from the light and dark sides of the force to battle through two campaigns and online multiplayer.

Jedi Lightsaber|Force Saber of Light

There is nothing more iconic, desired, or fetishized in Star Wars than the Lightsaber. Learning to lift an aircraft with your minds would be a cool bonus to being a Jedi, but the real reason for signing up to the Jedi academy, purging yourself of emotion, and living in what looks like a drafty building, is to get your hand on this elegant weapon. Luckily, iOS users can now download Jedi Lightsaber without any of these obstacles, while Android users can grab Force Saber of Light.

Star Wars Wikia

Need to know everything about Star Wars? Even that extended universe stuff that Lucas came out and declared was no longer canon? Then you need a Star Wars Wikia app (iOS|Android). These apps are keys to a vast repository of fan curated content, ensuring you can find answers to every comic, novel, and gaming related question you have – the perfect solution to all of your Star Wars related arguments.

Star Wars: Scene Maker

Star Wars: Scene Maker (iOS) has you recreating and changing your favorite scenes from the movies. By selecting the backdrop, characters, vehicles, weapons, items, and even quotes, you can build incredible Star Wars diorama. Personally we got a kick from remaking the Battle of Endor with the Ewoks removed… turns out the little furballs didn’t help much, the Rebels still won.

That’s it for this week’s show, and by the next time you see us we will be in a world where Force Awakens is already out. I hope you have your tickets… apparently its quite popular.

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