Adobe Launches Lightroom CC: Editing Your Photos Anywhere and on Any Device

Adobe Launches Lightroom CC: Editing Your Photos Anywhere and on Any Device

Adobe has just released the latest version of its Lightroom photo-editing program. Adobe Lightroom CC is already available for all platforms.

Adobe Lightroom CC is more than a program; it is an ecosystem that allows you to edit your photos on any platform, be it PC, mobile/tablet, or web. By saving everything in the cloud you can start editing an image in one place and finish it in another. The good thing is that if you are away from home and don’t have your mobile in hand, you won’t need any specific software to continue editing; you can simply enter the Adobe website.

Lightroom CC is really easy to use, which means you don’t need to have a professional background in photo editing to get the most out of it. In addition, the consistent interface across all of your devices means that once you’ve mastered it on one of your devices, you’ll know how to use it on all of them.

Adobe Lightroom CC also allows you to easily share your photos and to import images from any source (PC, camera, mobile …) to your Adobe account, so that you can edit them wherever you want.

If you’re worried about whether Adobe has kept the feature set of the old Lightroom you know and love, don’t be. Adobe hasn’t turned its back on the traditional Lightroom; rather, Adobe has given it a facelift. From now on, it will be called “Lightroom Classic CC”, and it will still work in the same as it always has.

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