App of the Week: Rocket League

App of the Week: Rocket League

Our App of the Week this week is a game that mixes three of our favorite things – cars, soccer, and explosions. Giving you the keys to a responsive, acrobatic racing machine, Rocket League is high-octane motor-sport action at its best.

This simple and elegant concept has you racing around arenas, desperately trying to wrangle an over-sized ball in to the goal. This all feels perfect thanks to Rocket League’s fantastic physics. As your car careens around the arena, the game perfectly simulates every spin, jump, and collision – making controlling the action feel more intuitive than driving a jumping car ever should.

The team based soccer action is perfect for playing with friends. You have the options to play locally with your companions via split-screen, or online in teams of up to four cars. And with eight cars on the pitch it doesn’t take long for matches to degenerate into glorious chaos.

To really seal the deal, Rocket League also lets you completely customize every aspect of your car. Paint work, decals, body, even the color of the flames that burst from your exhaust when you use the boost, everything can be altered to your liking before taking it online.

Put simply, Rocket League is going to make you laugh and smile.

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