Are the Robots Coming for your Job?

Are the Robots Coming for your Job?

Automation, we hear, is happening. Robots aren’t on the way, they’re already here and they’re taking people’s jobs. Now we could get into the ethical question that an automated workforce raises but really, all I’m worried about is whether a robot is going to take my job. Will you be getting your updates, tips, tricks and how-tos from some virtual me in the near future. If they are going to take my job, which job could I get that would be safe from the robot invasion?

Well fortunately, the same age that has brought the robots has also brought the internet and yes there is a website to tell us which jobs the robots are going to take. The imaginatively titled Will Robots Take My Job site works a bit like a search engine. You type in your job title and then you’ll be given a list of jobs to choose from. You simply click your job and wait for your judgement.

Are the Robots Coming for your Job? Editor

I lucked out. As an Editor working in a creative role there is only a 5.5% chance that robots will take my job. The site also offers info on the projected growth of your industry, the median annual wage (I need to have a word with my boss) and the number of people doing your job. All of this information gives a really good impression of just how many people are going to be affected by automation.

It is worth playing around with it a little bit to see what is going to happen to the job market over the next few years. I suppose it is about now we need to start talking about the ethical ramifications of all this and the type of society we want to live in in the future…

To find out if a robot is coming for your job Click Here.

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