Beats Music: 10 alternatives for curated music streaming

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Beats Music, the new music platform from the creators of the famous headphones, has some stiff competition with online music streaming heavy hitters including Spotify, Deezer, Rdio and Google Music. At its advantage, are two major factors: playlists to suit a user’s mood, offering the right song at the right time, and a hand-picked musical selection curated by high quality experts in different styles.

Fortunately for music lovers, competing services offer similar functions for curating music to a user’s taste. Before you jump the gun and sign on with Beats Music, check out these 10 alternatives with similar functions that try to cater music to your needs.

Beats Music: 10 alternatives for curated music streaming

The right music for the right mood

Many online music platforms already offer a prediction system based on your mood. These 5 options will help you find the right song for any situation.

Stereomood (Web, iOS, Android)

Stereomood Described as an emotionally charged web radio service, Stereomood is a music streaming site that helps you find a song to match your mood. Stereomood’s home screen offers playlists for any state of mind: Sleeping on my Feet, It’s Raining, Night Drive and Cooking Time are just  a few quirky examples. You can use the app’s search engine for inspiration and check out any playlist you think might suite your mood.

Musicovery (Web, iOS, Android)

Musicovery Musicovery gives you the opportunity to explore its music catalog by choosing your state of mind on a map of musical moods. Energetic, Calm , Dark, or Positive–  just choose your emotion. Musicovery also gives you the ability to filter playlists by genre, including Rap, Latin, Reggae, Rock, or Jazz (16 in total), or by era, anywhere from the 60’s to now. The app is free and available online, for iOS and for Android.

Moodagent (Spotify Web App, iOS, Android)

Moodagent Moodagent is another music recommendation service, but with a twist. This app creates your playlist based on a song of your choice. After selection, chose one of five pre-determined moods (Sensual, Tender, Happy, Angry, Tempo), and Moodagent will generate a suitable playlist. As a Spotify app, Moodagent will even let you view and modify the intensity of your playlist via a mood curve.

8tracks (Web AppiOS, Android, Mac)

8tracks 8tracks is based on a community of music lovers, offering various playlists covering many different styles. Like with Beats Music, 8tracks playlists have been created by music enthusiasts, a guarantee of quality. 8tracks has a good search engine designed to combine search terms such as Hip Hop and Rock or Sad and Travel. It’s perfect when you want new songs to listen to, no matter what mood you’re in.

Spotify (Web, Windows, Mac, iOS, Android, Windows Phone)

You may not know it, but Spotify has playlists for every imaginable mood too. Having recently integrated app Tuningo into its own services, you can now access playlists curated by the Spotify team under the ‘Browse’ section. Clicking ‘Mood’ will give you dozens of playlists, sorted for any occasion, including Young, Wild & Free, Psyched!, and Sunday Stroll. Our favorites of the moment? The Happy Hipster, Funky Summer, and Creativity Boost.

The best DJs in the world, at your service

Beats Music will also provide expert advice from top DJs and music experts around the world. Again, many services already give recommendations for discovering lesser-known music and artists. Here are a few:

22tracks (Web, iOS, Android)

22tracks 22tracks is a revolutionary music discovery service. Each week, the top DJs from Amsterdam, Brussels, London, and Paris select 22 new titles in 22 different styles, including Alternative, Indie/Rock, Jazz, House, Dubstep– there really is something for everyone. With a guide to the latest music news, you can stay ahead of the trend, and as icing on the cake, 22tracks requires no registration and even has an app for iOS and Android.

The Fader Spotify App (Spotify App)

Fader The Fader is a New York-based music magazine specializing in emerging talent whose reputation for uncovering talent is second to none. The Fader app for Spotify lets you find playlists from each issue of the magazine, created with the help of music specialists and famous artists like singer Solange Knowles.

Pitchfork Spotify App (Spotify App)

Pitchfork Pitchfork is a website for music reviews that specializes in independent music. Launched in 1995, the online publication offers its expertise to Spotify listeners through an awesome app. With a few clicks, you’ll find reviews by the editors of the site, as well as a selection of the best new albums. It’s an ideal solution for those who only want to listen to the best of the best.

Noon Pacific (Web App)

Noon Pacific
Noon Pacific is the most hospitable music streaming service on this list. Every Monday, it offers you a mix tape with tracks meticulously selected and mailed directly to your inbox. It’s free, simple, and always tasteful– perfect for listening to good music without lifting a finger.

SoundCloud (Web App, iOS, Android, Mac)

SoundCloud eliminates boundaries between artist and audience by giving everyone the opportunity to subscribe directly to their favorite artists stream. In addition to automatically receiving new music as soon your favorite DJs, bands, and singers publish, you can discover and hear their favorite music and inspiration in real time.

These 10 alternatives should hold you over until Beats Music launches on January 21st, and who knows, you may find an alternative you like even better!

Which applications do you use to listen to and discover music?

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