The Best Netflix Games You Can Download Right Now


The Best Netflix Games You Can Download Right Now

These are the best games included with your subscription that you can download for free to any Android or iOS device

With an ever-growing catalog of hit TV shows and movies, Netflix is still the king in the streaming world. But there’s much more to this subscription service than meets the eye. Did you know there’s an entire library of award-winning video games for you to download for free on any Android and iOS devices? All with no additional cost, ads or in-game purchases.


Whether you’re looking for an action, platformer, strategy, RPG or trivia game for your phone, Netflix has you covered. You’ll even find drinking games and companion apps for all your favorite movies and TV shows! To help you decide which one to download, we’ve put together a list with the best Netflix games you can currently download with your subscription.

1. Dead Cells

Considered one of the best action games of 2018, Dead Cells is a challenging blend of roguelite and metroidvania (roguevania) that any fan of platform games and non-linear exploration will enjoy. With clear reminiscences of soulslike games, Dead Cells invites you to come back from the dead and explore a mysterious castle as you make your way through its hundreds of enemies, traps, and challenging bosses. But that’s not all. Netflix’s version of Dead Cells includes all the expansions and downloadable content of this fantastic game… including Return to Castlevania!


2. Int the Breach

Into the Breach, the successor of the award-winning FTL: Faster Than Light, is a challenging turn-based strategy game with roguelike elements. One of its selling points is, without a doubt, its interesting story written by none other than Chris Avellone (Planescape: Torment), Into the Breach takes us to a future where the fate of humanity is threatened by a mysterious insectoid race. Science fiction, robots, and time travel come together in each of the 2D battles in this exciting game. And the best part of all? You can download it completely for free on your mobile!

Into the Breach DOWNLOAD

3. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge

We know nostalgia hits hard. TMNT: Shredder’s Revenge brings back the best of the classic Konami’s Ninja Turtles games from the 80s and 90s, adapting them to nowaday times. With attractive 2D graphics and a frenetic pace, Shredder’s Revenge will put you in the shoes of Leonardo, Donatello, Raphael, Michelangelo, April O’Neil, or Master Splinter in your crusade against the Foot Clan. Fight your way to glory, unlock new weapons, and defeat Shredder in a game that will take you back to your childhood.

TMNT: Shredder's Revenge DOWNLOAD

4. Oxenfree

Oxenfree was one the first video games to hit Netflix’s catalog, and to this day, it’s still one of the best. In this adventure game, we will guide the destiny of a group of teenagers who accidentally open a door to the afterlife with their radio. With a perfectly woven story, Oxenfree is a great game for adventure and mystery fans who will stop at nothing to unravel the mysteries of this strange singularity. To achieve that, simply tune in your radio and carefully choose the dialogues and reactions of each character. If you haven’t played it yet… What are you waiting for?


5. Oxenfree II: Lost Signals

If you’ve already played Oxenfree… Why not give its sequel a go? Set five years after the events where Alex and her friends opened a portal on Edwards Island, Oxenfree II: Lost Signals puts us in the shoes of Riley Poverly. This young environmental researcher will discover strange radiofrequency signals that slowly create space-time disruptions in her hometown. While Oxenfree II may not have the innovation of its first installment, it does have a well-crafted plot that will surprise you from beginning to end.

Oxenfree II: Lost Signals DOWNLOAD

6. Stranger Things: 1984

Stranger Things is the most iconic series in the entire Netflix catalog. Would you like to take part in these adventures on your mobile while you wait for its fifth season? Stranger Things: 1984 is an isometric adventure game where you will control the daring gang led by Hopper, Lucas, Nancy, and Eleven. Gather your courage, solve puzzles and engage in all kinds of thrilling battles as you explore the mysteries of Hawkins. And remember: Danger lurks in every corner of this amazing action adventure game.

Stranger Things: 1984 DOWNLOAD

7. Stranger Things 3: The Game

Do you want more Stranger Things? We have you covered. Stranger Things 3: The Game is a new opportunity to immerse yourself in the mysteries surrounding the seemingly idyllic town of Hawkins. Unlike 1984, in Stranger Things 3, you will experience the main events of the series up to its third season, making it the perfect video game to play while watching the show. Take the part of Lucas, Mike, Steve, and the rest of the crew as you battle all kinds of nightmarish creatures and unravel the mysteries surrounding their town.

Stranger Things 3: The Game DOWNLOAD

8. Moonlighter

Have you ever dreamt of becoming a hero? And how about opening your own business? You’ll love Moonlighter! This exciting game offers an interesting blend of RPG, roguelike, and shop management, letting you become the ultimate adventurer-shopkeeper. With charming 2D graphics, countless places to explore and monsters to defeat, Moonlighter provides you with hours of endless fun. And thanks to its procedural dungeons, each adventure will be completely different!

Moonlighter DOWNLOAD

9. Into the Dead 2

Zombie games never go out of fashion. Into the Dead 2 invites you to a zombie apocalypse where your wit and combat skills will be your best bet to survive. Arm yourself with knives, pistols, rifles or bats and protect your loved ones from waves of undead monsters. Into the Dead 2 features different game modes, including a challenging Campaign Mode that includes a terrifying story that will definitely please all thrill-seekers and well as horror fans.

Into the Dead 2 DOWNLOAD

10. Laya’s Horizon

Considered one of the best exclusive games in Netflix’s catalog, Laya’s Horizon is a magical experience that invites us to fly… quite literally! Inspired by wingsuit flying or wingflying, the game puts us in the shoes of Laya, a young woman capable of soaring through the skies in search of answers about her past. With a simple yet addictive gameplay, Laya’s Horizon transports us to a beautiful and mysterious open world of pastel colors. Through our adventure we’ll explore by gliding through the air as we meet a diverse cast of characters, complete numerous missions, and even manage to save the planet. Addictive like no others, this game is a must-have for every subscriber to the streaming platform.

Laya's Horizon DOWNLOAD

11. Lucky Luna

Lucky Luna is a beautiful 2D platformer inspired by Japanese folklore. Exclusive to Netflix subscribers, this unique game puts a twist on classic arcade games by making us interact with the environment in order to guide Luna through her journey. Discover countless secrets, mysterious passageways and explore hidden temples in order to find the truth on our protagonist’s past.


12. Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon is an extremely fun game that blends of puzzle and roguelike elements in the popular Shovel Knight franchise. Join Puzzle Knight and help our hero escape from a dungeon as you align blocks and fight your way through some of the most iconic enemies from the series. Fast, challenging, and addictive, Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon combines the best of Candy Crush-style games with fast-paced battles and dungeon exploration.

Shovel Knight Pocket Dungeon DOWNLOAD

13. Spiritfarer

Spiritfarer is a charming indie game where the ultimate goal is to take care of your loved ones. With a delightful mix of adventure, management and exploration elements, Spiritfarer invited us to take on the role of Stella, a kind hearted ferry master that transports the souls of the deceased to the afterlife. To achieve your objective you’ll have to make sure you cater all your spirit friends’ needs, so  they reach the beyond with a smile on their face. Talk to your fellow travelers, explore the world, and gradually improve your ship in a game unlike anything you’ve played before, Spiritfarer is a bittersweet adventure that will touch your heart.

Spiritfarer DOWNLOAD

14. Relic Hunter: Rebels

Relic Hunter: Rebels is a thrilling looter shooter with RPG elements that brings chaos and unlimited mayhem to the palm of your hand. Take the role of a fun cast of Hunters (Jimmy, Ace, Pinkyy, and Raff) in search of a relic called the Void Stone. Each of them have different abilities and playstyles, making each match a unique and fun experience. As any good looter shooter, weapons are all distinct and completely customizable… And there are lots of them! Are you ready to take on the Duncan Empire in this fun mobile shooting game?

Relic Hunters: Rebels DOWNLOAD

15. Desta: The Memories Between

From the creators of Monument Valley comes Desta: The Memories Between, a narrative experience unlike anything you’ve played before. Set in a dreamlike world and a unique gameplay system based on dodgeball, Desta immerses us in an adventure about mistakes, regrets, lost friends, and the desire to change the past. With a carefully crafted isometric perspective, this unique game invites you to relive and rebuild Desta’s fractured memories. While the game may seem confusing at first, its well-crafted plot and fun mix of strategy and turn-based combat makes it a must-have to all Netflix subscribers.

Desta: The Memories Between DOWNLOAD

16. Dust & Neon

Dust & Neon is a fast-paced shooter where you’ll become an outlaw robot in the Wild West. With a gameplay that is as challenging as it is fun, this Netflix exclusive will immerse you in the most thrilling and absurd duels you can imagine. Despite looking like an old-school top-down shooter, Dust & Neon becomes a pleasant surprise with its RPG progression system as well as roguelite and looter shooter elements. With a vast arsenal of crazy weapons and revolvers, surprising enemies and bosses, as well as a wide array of exciting game modes, Dust & Neon will win the heart of any gunslinger.

Dust & Neon DOWNLOAD

17. Asphalt Xtreme

If you’re a fan of racing games, you surely are familiar with the Asphalt series. One of its most acclaimed installments, Asphalt Xtreme, is now available for free with your Netflix subscription so you can feel the speed anywhere you go. Enjoy the best races on your mobile as you take the wheel of 35 cars that go from nimble Ford Focus or Mitsubishi RS to giant monster trucks and versatile 4×4 off-roaders. And the best part is that all of them are customizable and ready for tuning! With 300 races and over 1100 challenges to overcome, Asphalt Xtreme is the go-to choice for all racing fans.

Asphalt Xtreme DOWNLOAD

18. Reigns: Three Kingdoms

Do you remember Reigns? The iconic card game where you control a kingdom by swiping left and right returns for free in Reigns: Three Kingdoms. Set in the Chinese era of the Romance of the Three Kingdoms, immerse yourself in a new adventure where, once again, you’ll be able to lead your people to glory or demise thanks to your luck. Negotiate military conflicts, arrange forced marriages, choose your alliances wisely and crush your enemies by moving your cards across the screen. The fate of your kingdom is entirely at the tip of your fingers.

Reigns: Three Kingdoms DOWNLOAD

19. Krispee Street

Hidden object games enthusiasts over the world, rejoice! Krispee Street is a fun and colorful puzzle game based on the popular webcomic of the same name. As with any hidden object game, Krispee Street invites you to find a character or situation shown in a small snapshot from a chaotic yet funny illustration. With every objective you find you’ll receive various power-ups, such as a thermometer that indicates how close you are to your target. Perfect for all ages, Krispee Street is a casual and enjoyable game that allows you to easily disconnect from problems and worries while exploring a charming world full of fun situations.

Krispee Street DOWNLOAD

20. Before Your Eyes

Before Your Eyes is a captivating first-person narrative-driven game that is definitely not suitable for those who are easily moved to tears. Its premise? You’ve just died and your soul must embark on a journey to your next life by remembering the most significant moments from your previous existence. Its gameplay is as original as it gets because to progress, you’ll need to use your eyes. With every blink detected by your phone’s camera, you’ll witness different moments from your life: All the happy, sad, funny, and also devastating moments that made you who you were. With outstanding voice acting and an unforgettable script, Before Your Eyes is a unique adventure that will please even the fussiest player.

Before Your Eyes DOWNLOAD

21. Kentucky Route Zero

The award-winning Kentucky Route Zero is available for free with your Netflix subscription. This highly acclaimed point-and-click adventure game takes you on a bizarre and strange journey through the state of Kentucky. As a truck driver on his way to make his final delivery, you’ll encounter a multitude of peculiar characters and learn about their unique misadventures. With a narrative similar to Disco Elysium and divided into five different chapters, Kentucky Route Zero abandons traditional puzzles for meaningful choices we’ll have to select through its many lines of dialogue. With a script worthy of the best David Lynch film, Kentucky Route Zero is the perfect adventure for those seeking a good and bizarre mystery story.

Kentucky Route Zero DOWNLOAD

22. World of Goo: Remastered

You still haven’t played World of Goo? Download it for free right now! Enjoy the remastered version of this well-known physics game where you’ll have to solve all sorts of strange puzzles with sticky balls of goo. Improving its graphics and making them crispier than ever, World of Goo: Remastered is the best way to enjoy this classic physics game without having to spend a single cent.

World of Goo: Remastered DOWNLOAD

23. Bowling Ballers

Ever wanted to become a cute bowling ball? Now’s your chance! Bowling Ballers is a fun and original twist on obstacle racing games where, instead of avoiding crashing into objects, you’ll have to do the impossible to knock down all the bowling pins. Although the concept may seem simple at first, you’ll need to unleash your skills to survive each of its levels. Are you up for a wild and thrilling game of bowling?

Bowling Ballers DOWNLOAD

24. Terra Nil

We finish our list with Terra Nil, a strategy and construction game that is quite different from the usual building sim. This time, we won’t be in charge of rising from scratch a city or a new civilization. Rather than that, we’ll be creating a breathing ecosystem. Revitalize wastelands, grow forests and clean oceans as you transform a completely dead landscape into a thriving landscape full of life.

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