Can Scalebound save Microsoft’s Xbox One in Japan?

Can Scalebound save Microsoft’s Xbox One in Japan?

In a recent interview with DualShokers, Xbox Japan’s Marketing Manager Masashi Inoue shared his confidence that the game Scalebound will boost sales of Xbox One in Japan. And I agree, but only in the sense that sales are currently so low there that it would be hard for the game to hurt the consoles performance.

Back in June the Microsoft developed console sold just 100 units in a week nationwide in Japan. Now, the Xbox One did mark the first time that the US owned company has not specifically targeted Japan as a desirable market. The new system was released notably late in the country, presumably due to their previous two consoles’ sales falling flat – even after a selection of Japan centered exclusive games were published (such as Lost Odyssey and Blue Dragon) and they created the amazing Xbox mascot.

It would be an odd time for Microsoft to make its mark in Japan of course. The console market there has been notably shrinking for some time, with the move to mobile by its commuting population well documented.

But – thanks to its development by the Osaka based studio Platinum games – the Xbox One exclusive Scalebound should come with a built in fan base. With titles like Bayonetta, Vanquish, and Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance to its name, Platinum has proven its ability to make high quality action game’s time and again – so maybe it really can put the console on the map in Japan.

And it doesn’t hurt that Scalebound looks amazing, it even has me thinking about buying an Xbox One when the game is released.

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