Capcom would say no to Microsoft

It seems that the 60 euros for Capcom games will be a thing of the past.

Capcom would say no to Microsoft
Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

We are in a very complicated economic moment, and many companies are desperately seeking to be acquired by a giant. But that’s not the case with Capcom, even though Microsoft paid 69 billion for Activision Blizzard.

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The President and Chief Operating Officer (COO) of CAPCOM, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, was interviewed during the Tokyo Game Show 2023 event, which concluded yesterday.

In statements to Bloomberg, when asked about a possible acquisition offer from Microsoft, he responded, “I would gracefully decline the offer because I believe it would be better for us to be equal partners.”

They don’t want to be bought, nor do they want to buy anyone

Similarly, CAPCOM is not interested in acquiring companies; they prefer organic growth.

“I think there have been many discussions about mergers and acquisitions in the video game industry. There was a time when we were a target, but instead of acquiring an external company, we prefer organic growth,” he begins.

“It is important to train and develop human resources within the company to carry out growth strategies. I also believe we can turn to external partners, but we have no intention of acquiring companies,” Haruhiro Tsujimoto concludes.

One of the main goals outlined by the President of CAPCOM is to bring their prized triple-A games to smartphones.

“For many years, the PC has been our main platform. We currently sell in 230 countries and regions through this PC platform. Although we continue to use the PC as our main platform, I hope to achieve our goal of 100 million copies with the contribution of triple-A titles on smartphones,” explains the COO.

This will begin soon, with the arrival of Resident Evil Village on iPhone and iPad on October 30. The remake of Resident Evil 4 will also be released on Apple mobile devices later this year.

Price increases, something inevitable

CAPCOM’s President, Haruhiro Tsujimoto, also made some interesting statements in another interview with Nikkei. Specifically, he pointed out that development costs are rising for Japanese game developers, and that it may be time to raise prices.

It’s worth noting that the publisher has continued to release its games at the standard price of 60 euros/dollars. Tsujimoto could be hinting that it’s time for CAPCOM to follow the example of other publishers and start pricing their future games at $70.

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

Chema Carvajal Sarabia

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