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Centralize Business Communications with The Zadarma Mobile App

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When the pandemic hit, the impact of the health crisis on countries, economies, and companies was immediate. Businesses scrambled to keep communication lines open in new and innovative ways, and the adoption rates of new digital technologies soared. One of these technologies is cloud-based VoIP and communication software solutions, like Zadarma.

The platform allows businesses to set up a phone system without expensive hardware and setup costs. Zadarma allows for communication between clients, customers, suppliers, and business teams in a world where fluid and easy correspondence is essential.

The Zadarma VoIP Solution

Zadarma offers a Cloud PBX solution that can give businesses access to a versatile, international phone system within minutes. The software supports:

  • Interactive Voice Response
  • Call Forwarding (Conditional and Unconditional)
  • Call Recording
  • Analytics

These are just some of the powerful features included in the system. Zadarma is designed to enable employees to work effectively from any location and device. The VoIP solution can save you up to 90% on international calls while including free international numbers, CalledID, and per-second billing.

Zadarma is more than a call platform – it’s a collaboration tool that brings teams together through video conferences and virtual voice communication capabilities. It also provides customized solutions that fit individuals and corporate environments. It deploys rapidly and, if companies are to survive in this new environment that favors remote work, a VoIP software solution is critical.

The Zadarma Mobile App: Adapting to the New Normal

Don’t have a Zadarma Cloud PBX solution? No problem! The new Zadarma mobile app can be used with or without one of the cloud solutions, giving business and sales leaders a new and effective way to keep their employees in touch and productive.

Since the start of the pandemic, Zadarma has seen a rising demand for an adaptable VoIP solution that can accommodate new global communication needs. The sophisticated communication software is available for both Android and iOS. Once it’s set up, employees can work from home while making and receiving calls as if they were still in the office – all from your smartphone.

The Zadarma mobile app also has several key features that set it apart from other similar solutions in the industry, including:

  • Smart push notifications
  • New and refreshed interface designs
  • Accessible features
  • Instant SMS message delivery
  • Disconnection time configuration
  • Limiting calls to Wi-Fi
  • Automatic contact integration
  • Cost and balance display and management

These new features and updates further enhance the system’s existing features like virtual conferencing and call analytics. Additionally, the system supports multiple accounts and is built to extend your battery life.

Most importantly, the mobile solution is easily accessible and scalable. It’s the perfect fit for existing enterprises and growing businesses that need a robust communication solution.

In short, the mobile app is the ideal centralized business communication VoIP software solution.


Communication is more important than ever. Businesses need the right tech platform to help staff communicate with each other and with clients as if they were in the office, regardless of their location.

The pandemic and its restrictions have been a significant wake-up call for many enterprises and companies, highlighting the importance of digital transformation. With the Zadarma mobile app, your business can thrive while keeping your teams in contact in an increasingly competitive and continually evolving environment.

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