The craziest fusions we could see in Dragon Ball

From Ten Shin Chaoz to Gokuhan.

The craziest fusions we could see in Dragon Ball
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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There is no doubt that Dragon Ball is an incredible anime and manga saga that has influenced dozens of later series, from Naruto to One Piece, and even Demon Slayer. Part of the charm of this anime is how bizarre it could be at times. From the transformations of the monsters to some of the fusions, it sometimes left us wondering if everything Akira Toriyama did made sense.

In the end, the fusions we got to see, beyond the ones that went wrong like the fat and skinny versions of Gogeta, turned out to be very satisfying. But we could have witnessed some real craziness and oddities. Below, with the help of the internet, we present you with the weirdest fusions we could have seen in Dragon Ball.

Ten Shin Chaoz

Tien Shinhan and Chiaotzu were inseparable friends who also fought together against threats. Although Tien had much more power than Chiaotzu, Chiaotzu was not far behind… so what would a fusion between the two have been like? Certainly, we could have seen something like this in the anime… although it’s a good thing it didn’t happen.


Can a father and son fuse? Probably, and the result can be as cool as this curious fusion between Vegeta and Trunks. Certainly, it would be a very powerful being… and with quite an attitude. Let’s hope there’s still some Bulma left in there, at least.

Ten Krill Han

Another even more commendable fusion is that of Krillin and Tien Shinhan. Both fighters have similar power levels, and they could certainly create a very unique character. The result of both of them could be something like this:


And we continue with the fusions of Tien Shinhan, including one from the legendary video game Dragon Ball Z: Budokai 2. In this fusion, the fighter joins forces with Yamcha, another character somewhat weaker than him but who has always been a worthy rival and a Z Warrior.


What if Cell had absorbed only Krillin? Well, most likely something like Cellin would have emerged, the character we could see in Dragon Ball Z: Budokai. It’s certainly amusing to contemplate.


When you combine the villains of Dragon Ball, you can encounter all sorts of creatures. One of the most intriguing and powerful is Bruuly, the fusion of Buu and Broly. Let’s hope Goku never has to face him, or he’ll be in for a really tough battle.


Another even more powerful fusion that we’ve seen in video games is Beerusuisu, the combination of Beerus and Whis. Certainly, the combined power of both would pose a great challenge to anyone, although it’s yet to be explored further in the anime.

Karoly Black

Another significant fusion we saw in Dragon Ball Fusions is the one that combines Legendary Super Saiyan Broly and Super Saiyan Rosé Goku Black. Yet another ultra-powerful being for which even Goku might not seem prepared.


As it couldn’t be otherwise, the two major villains of Dragon Ball Z also have their own fusion: Celluza. However, it’s true that this could be just their first form, as knowing both enemies, they could have many more tricks up their sleeves.


And just as we’ve seen what would happen if Trunks and Vegeta fused, now we explore it with Gokuhan, the fusion of Gohan and Goku. The design certainly makes it clear that this character could be a series protagonist through and through.

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