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10 creative ideas for business cards using Canva

10 creative ideas for business cards using Canva
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Business cards are just as important for branding and marketing yourself as they are for giving information. To stand out from the crowd, use Canva to create a custom design like the over 85 million monthly users in 190 countries. There are a variety of Canva business card templates and customization options, so you can design the perfect business card for your needs. If you haven’t tried Canva yet, subscribe to Canva to get started!

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Once you have your Canva account ready to go, explore these awesome ideas for appealing, interesting business cards.

Maximalist card designs

Lately, there’s been a growing trend for maximalist designs. This style is based on more-is-more boldness. Canva’s premade borders and graphics make it easy to add fun prints, colors, and shapes to your card. Canva business card designs with busy styles tend to work best in more creative, free-spirited industries.

Try maximalist design

Business cards with a logo

A logo on your business card will highlight your professionalism — whether you manage a team of employees or are building up a side gig. Since Canva has a lot of graphics you can add to a card, this is a great spot to get creative. You can pick a logo that references your business or make a fun monogram with your initials.

Make your own logo

Cards with creative typography

The font you choose has a big impact on your card. Consider upgrading to an option that adds interesting shapes to your lines of text. We love the look of a single letter that’s turned into a similarly-shaped object. Another interesting option is using Canva’s layers to add an underlying pattern behind an initial.

Try some fun text

3D business cards

Make your business card pop with a 3D shape. Canva has quite a few ways to incorporate 3D design into a business card. You can create templates that work with textured cardstock or fabricate a design that folds up into a 3D shape. This is a great way to literally stand out to clients.

Find designs that look great on textured paper

Peel and stick cards

Your business card doesn’t have to be a stiff square of cardstock. Try using Canva’s sticker designs to make a peel-and-stick version of your business card. This is ideal for industries that are youthful and playful. Just make sure that the card still contains your essential contact information after the sticker image is removed.

Print your card on a sticker

Simple card designs

While maximalism is great, there’s also something to be said for less is more. A Canva business card with a simple background and a few clean lines of text can be very impactful. To add some visual interest, print on high-quality paper or use Canva’s printing services to add metallic foil to your text. These styles work especially well if you work in a more conservative or formal environment.

Make a minimalist design

Business cards with photos

Canva allows you to upload your own photographs, which is a great way to accent your business card. Including a small portrait can help potential contacts put a face to your name. You can also use photos that display your products or projects.

Add a photo

Themed business cards

Consider ways you can turn your Canva business card into an item that references your passion. For example, a hairdresser could have a card that holds bobby pins or a contractor may have a card that doubles as a ruler. Think of a small way your card could add actual value to a customer’s life.

Create a card that helps your customers

Business cards with fun slogans

A creative business card can be about more than just the card’s look. Try playing around with words and finding an interesting slogan or motto to add to your card. This design feature really makes your card pop. For best results, pick something short and catchy that looks great along the top or side of your Canva business card template

Add a slogan

Card designs with unique shapes

A business card with a unique oval or oblong shape can add a touch of individuality to the design. You can also add some fun with shapes that refer to your career such as a round record if you’re a DJ or a band-aid if you work in healthcare. Cutting these cards by hand can be tricky though, so you might want to try Canva’s printing services.

Whether you want your business card to be fun, formal, smart, or artsy, Canva can help. This versatile design program makes it easy to get professional, stylish results. Ready to try out our awesome business card ideas? Subscribe to Canva now to explore all their great business card designs.

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