Facebook’s new feature offers added video functionality

Facebook’s new feature offers added video functionality

Facebook has a brand new feature called Watch Party, which allow users to watch videos together with other contacts, comment live, and post reactions. Watch Party is quite similar to Facebook Live.

Vice President of product had Facebok, Fidji Sumo, said:

“In a Watch Party, members of a Group can watch videos together in the same space at the same time – videos are chosen by the Group admins and moderators, and can be any public videos on Facebook (live or recorded). With everyone watching, commenting and reacting to the same moments together, it creates a shared viewing experience for video that helps build the kind of community and engagement we’ve seen with Live.”

Watch Party has a number of potential applications including in academic study sessions or even in a professional setting. The ability to watch videos together and being able to contribute questions and collaborate with comments, answers, and links to relevant pages obviously offers a lot of practical functionality beyond just watching cat videos together with friends.

Watch Party is currently in the testing phase but we can expect to see it get a wider rollout sooner or later.

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