Firefox, Gamescom, Windows 10, and Here Maps, all in the Softonic Roundup

Firefox, Gamescom, Windows 10, and Here Maps, all in the Softonic Roundup

In this week’s Softonic Roundup we check in on the release of Windows 10, see how Nokia could be helping Mercedes, BMW, and Audi develop self-driving cars, and get excited as the doors open at Gamescom in Cologne.

No real news yet, but Thursday will see Gamescom begin in Cologne. Europe’s biggest videogame convention has been constantly growing  and with hundreds of games, big studios, indie developers, and 335,000 fans attending last year alone, you know it’s going to get busy. Expect lots of game news from the show next week. Source: Gamescom and IGN

Last week saw Nokia selling Here Maps to Mercedes, BMW and Audi for 3,000 million dollars before it planned merger with Alcatel-Lucent. Why did these automotive giants want this software? Well, people seem to think it’s to help them develop self-driving cars, which need the high-fidelity geo-location data Here Maps provides. Source: The Next Web

Next, Windows 10. Yup, even though it’s now out, the news keeps coming. The launch was successful, but not perfect. Reports from Microsoft has 14 million downloads in the first day, with some unofficial figures reaching 67 million by day three. Not everyone has been able to get it yet however, with many still waiting for it to become available for them to download – and they could be waiting a while according to Microsoft. Source: Neowin, Windows Blog

There could be away around this delay, check out this post to try and force Windows 10 to start downloading.

Finally, Mozilla also has something to say about Windows 10, with complaints about the operating systems new method to change default programs. Where previous versions of the OS would swap over on request, the new process has become notably more protracted – a change Mozilla CEO, Chris Beard feels is an aggressive move against freedom of choice. Source: TechCrunch

That’s it for this week, we will be back next week when you can expect plenty of news from Gamescom.

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