Five apps to create VR video and images

Five apps to create VR video and images
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Yes, Softonic is currently completely obsessed with Virtual Reality. This week though we are going to have a slightly different look at this increasingly popular trend, with five apps that can help you make your own images and videos to enjoy in VR.

FullDive Camera (Android)

A fairly straight forward camera app, FullDive Camera allows you to take pictures with your mobile’s single camera that can then be experienced in VR. The results don’t actually offer a 360 degree perspective, but it all looks pretty convincing when viewed from a headset.

Cardboard Camera (Android)

The next pick probably won’t be a huge surprise, Google’s Cardboard Camera. With this 360 camera you can easily record images and video from all around you, plus you can include audio to really compete the immersive experience. Just don’t look up or down when viewing the results – there is nothing there.

Google Street View (iOS|Android)

Yup, its Google again with another great 360 image capture app. This one is integrated into Street View and lets you upload your images directly to the service, allowing others enjoy them with or without a VR headset. This was once a separate app called Photo Sphere, but its integration with Street View makes it even easier to use.

Video Stitch (Windows|Mac)

Making professional-quality 360 degree video for Virtual Reality demands some pretty dramatic post-production to synchronize all your different footage, which is not easy. To help, you can try out Video Stitch, which automatically calibrates, stabilizes, and enhances images for VR viewing. If that doesn’t work for you, Autopano Video is a great alternative.

360cam (iOS|Android)

Beside the post production, one of the big challenges in VR video production is hiding yourself – and where relevant your crew – from the shot if you are using a normal camera. Which is where the Samsung Gear 360 and the 360cam come in. These record everything around them with no need for any other equipment – providing you can afford them. You can watch the results of 360cam by downloading the app.

It is true that making your own photos and videos for VR may not be as instantly entertaining as playing a game – but it is incredibly rewarding, so we recommend giving it a go.

Next week, we will be back with the best five foreign language learning apps. Subscribe so you do not miss that, and I will see you then.

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