Five Apps to Try this Weekend: featuring Google Photos and My Talking Tom

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Welcome back to Softonic’s 5 Apps to try this weekend, the show that helps you discover apps to keep yourself entertained from Friday to Monday.

This week we talk about the A5 Browser, the lightweight internet tool that only takes up one 1MB of space on your Android device.

After that, it is over to the ever popular My Talking Tom, as the chatty feline finally makes his way on to Windows 8 (also available for iOS, Android, and Windows Phone).

We also have Tempo (iOS), the video editor that lets you play with the speed of your videos. It’s simple, but it produces some great results.

Only one game this week, the strategy RPG Dragon Blaze (iOS|Android). With beautifully detailed anime art, this one looks great, but also has deep tactical gameplay to back up its looks.

Finally we have Google Photos (iOS|Android), the photo gallery app that is able to automatically sort your photos and videos by analyzing the images to see what is in them.

That’s it. Remember to subscribe and share, and we will see you next time.

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