Fortnite streamer nets $2,000 by dabbing for 10 straight hours

In a momentous event that will surely go down in gaming history, Fortnite streamer Luke TheNotable  has livestreamed 10 uninterrupted hours of Fortnite dabbing. Over the course of the marathon stream, donations from subscribers and viewers tuning in to witness the event totaled roughly $2,000. Though the livestream is now over, it can be viewed in its entirety here:

Many may think that 10 hours of dabbing is an impossible feat for the average human person, and indeed, it probably is. Though Luke TheNotable himself did join in and perform the move for a few key moments (leading to pair of broken headphones), the dabs in question were being performed by his Fortnite character. Clad in the Toxic Trooper skin, his character performed the in-game emote titled “Infinite Dab.” According to Luke himself, the idea for the marathon stream came with Fortnite’s v7.10 patch. Buried in the patch notes was a change to the Infinite Dab emote, which would allow players to perform the emote for a maximum 10 hours.

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Not one to pass up a challenge, Luke organized the stream to see if he could actually run the emote all the way to its maximum allowed time. Over the course of the stream, other players joined him in-lobby to perform the emote alongside his intrepid Trooper and offer support.

Unfortunately, Luke wasn’t able to dab for the full ten hours uninterrupted, as the emote did stop several times during the stream for various reasons. Luke himself has roughly calculated that his character performed an estimated 72,000 dabs over the course of the stream. However, after the full 10 hours was up, the Fortnite YouTuber had amassed nearly $2,000 in fan donations.

It’s not a bad payoff for 10 hours of dancing, but Luke didn’t keep all the money for himself. Instead, he continued to stream for a while longer, gifting $500 of his earnings to other YouTube streamers chosen from YouTube Gaming’s list of content creators. Before finally signing off, Luke’s final message to fans was, “Please don’t do this.”

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