iPad and Android tablet games… for your cat!

iPad and Android tablet games… for your cat!

iOS and Android devices are relatively easy to use. So easy, in fact, that games are now being created specifically for… your cat?  Yes, really. With cat videos taking over the internet, its apparent people REALLY love cats. This online love affair and easy of use of tablets translates to, naturally, games and apps designed specifically for your cat.

So, here is our list of the most interesting games and apps that you and your cat can play.


One of the most enjoyable activities for cat owners (and the bane of cat haters existence) is taking and posting pictures of their beloved feline friends. Well, what if you could eliminate your own efforts and let your cat do all the work? Now you can with the Cat Selfie app for iPhone and Snapcat for Android.

How does the app work? When you launch the app, the screen displays an object that will catch your cat’s attention. If the cat follows the object with his paw, when it hits the screen, the camera will take a selfie. This app requires that your phone or tablet have a camera on the front of the device.

Download Cat Selfie for iPhone
Download SnapCat for Android


The concept of Cat Selfie and Snapcat, which uses a red dot to grab your cat’s attention on screen, is being used for games too!

In Crazy Cat for Android, your cat can chase a cute mouse on screen running across a background of delicious Swiss cheese.

Crazy Cat

Your cat gets points as it touches the mouse on the screen; the faster the critter is moving when your cat hits it, the higher his or her score will be. You can upgrade to unlock more characters, like a butterfly or a gecko.

The game has some other interesting features too. If you have more than one Android device, for example, you can use one as a controller to dictate the movements of the animal on the screen- it’s like a technologically hybrid cat and mouse game for our and your cat!

Game for Cats for iPad is a similar concept and lets your cat chase either a laser or  a mouse. The goal is for the cat to “catch” the laser or mouse by batting at the iPad screen, which increases your cat’s score. You can control the laser pointer and mouse with your iPhone via a paid upgrade.


If you suspect that yoCat Canvasur cat has an artistic soul waiting to be released, install the Paint for Cats app on your iPad. As your cat chases a mouse moving across the screen, the paw prints on screen leave splashes of color revealing your cat’s creativity.

There are several color palettes to choose from – from psychedelic to toned.

For Android, we like similar app Cat Canvas.


What cats don’t like fish? The Pocket Pond 2 app for iPad and iPhone wasn’t developed with cats in mind, but it will keep them captivated. Your cat can peer down at a pond with beautiful koi fish swimming around. Its got a beautiful design with crystal clear graphics and music that’s easy on the ears, and you (or your cat) can cross fish with each other and develop colorful new species. You can Download Pocket Pond 2 for Android too!

And for something completely different…

Is your cat uninterested in laser pointers, mouse and fish? Then try ants! With Ant Smasher, smash all the ants you can as they parade across the screen.  Ant Smasher is available for Android and iOS!

Are there any other games your cat loves to play on your tablet?

Original article written by Radek Grabarek, published on Softonic PL.

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