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GOM Mix Max: All The Video Editing Power For Less

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If you’ve ever tried to edit a simple video, you’ll know that most video editing software is hideously expensive and hellishly difficult to use. If it’s your dream to create amazing online tutorial videos, digital classes, ads, or digital content, you no longer need to worry about a limited budget or lack of skills! With GOM Mix Max, you can get all the punch of a professional video editor without breaking the bank.

GOM & Company, the creative minds behind GOM Mix Pro, has 23 years of experience in IT and the development of top-quality media software and applications. Now, with the release of GOM Mix Max, GOM & Company has made it possible for almost anyone to create incredible videos quickly and easily. It has all the must-have features from GOM Mix Pro but comes in at a significantly better price.

GOM Mix Max: All The Video Editing Power For Less

As one of the TOP 10 Video Editing Software for 2022, it’s just what an enterprising video editor needs to get started!

Outstanding UI (User Interface) and UX (User Experience) Design

One of the most remarkable features of GOM Mix Max is the outstanding design of the user interface. The stylish new design was designed to be human-centered and user-friendly to give video editors the best possible experience.

To make the software even easier to use, users can:

  • Change the location of the preview and menu areas.
  • Set comfortable hotkeys.
  • Add effects and overlays to Favorites to make them easier to find.

Additionally, the new home screen makes it easy to check the updated features, while the in-product Tutorial Guide means you can look for answers or help without even leaving the software!

Built-in Video Editing Features

GOM Mix Max video editor comes with several excellent built-in features similar to those you can find in GOM Mix Pro. These include:

  • Highly customizable templates. You can adjust and customize the template in detail, finely adjusting effect timing and appearance.
  • Additional timeline functions. While the video editing software includes the traditional cut and paste, GOM Mix Max also allows you to insert elements into the middle or back of the video.
  • Unlimited multi-track. There are various clip layouts, and you can use multiple tracks to simultaneously edit several sources or add an unlimited number of tracks.

With these built-in video editing features, users can make top-quality videos quickly and easily.

New And Exciting Features in GOM Mix Max

Enhance your video editing

Aside from the features mentioned above, GOM Mix Max also includes new and exciting features to enhance your video editing.

First, there’s the Chroma Key feature. Using this tool, you can replace a solid color in the background (such as a green screen) with a different image or video. That allows video editors to create more complex and complete videos.

PIP (Picture in Picture) is a feature that displays the screen inside the screen and is usually supported by display devices. As a frequently used and valuable feature, it has been added to the GOM Mix Max. PIP displays a small screen inside the screen. You can position the screen in any corner position you want, also it is possible to adjust its size.

Encoding Improvements and Optimizations

To go with its enhanced features, GOM Mix Max also boasts reduced encoding time and fast performance. GOM Mix Max can encode videos three times faster than GOM Mix Pro, and the resulting video is typically three times lighter. The video editing software also works faster in an environment with an Intel Core i5 or higher.

Not only is the video editing software robust and affordable, but it’s also easy to use and perfect for online content creators. You can enjoy the additional benefit of having your videos encoded in sizes that are optimized for YouTube!

Finally, you can take advantage of over 130 different effects, overlays, and transitions, including:

  • Filters.
  • Templates.
  • Sound Sources.

With these resources, you can create professional videos without struggling with complex video editing software.

GOM Mix Max Launch Giveaway

Not only is GOM Mix Max already an affordable video editor, but you can get great prizes if you sign up now. To celebrate the launch of GOM Mix Max, GOM & Company is giving away great rewards! Here’s how to claim yours:

  • Step 1: Sign up for GOMLab
  • Step 2: Download GOM Mix Max and get a 2-month free trial and a 60% discount!
  • Step 3: Get the chance to win up to 100$ Amazon Gift Card!
  • Step 4: Review on Trustpilot to receive a GOM Cam 6-month free coupon


GOM Mix Max has many of the great must-have features included with GOM Mix Pro but at a better price. Its stylish interface was designed to be extremely user-friendly, allowing you to set hotkeys, customize the menu and preview areas, and use advanced editing techniques without expert knowledge. Jam-packed with features, GOM Mix Max allows editors with budget restrictions to create top-quality videos. 

GOM Mix Max


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