Google Photos about to give your memories a facelift

Google Photos about to give your memories a facelift
Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

AI has been helping apps like Google Photos and Apple Photos automatically share up curated photo-based Memories in the form of collages, slideshows and even edited photos for a while now. To augment the Google Photos creations, Google has just announced an update that will build on that AI-based capabilities to make your served up Memories look prettier than ever. Let’s go through the details together:

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Google Photos launched three years ago and to celebrate the anniversary Google has published a blog post detailing new and advanced Memories features. Google says that the update is the biggest update to Memories since the feature was launched.

The update is bringing with it a new collage editor as well as more integrated clips from your recorded videos and more dynamic presentations of still photos.

“With the update that starts rolling out today, you’ll see more videos — including the best snippets from your longer videos that Photos will automatically select and trim so you can relive the most meaningful moments. Even your still photos will feel more dynamic thanks to a subtle zoom that brings movement to your memories.”

As well as updates on features we already know, the Memories update is also bringing a new feature called Styles, which draws inspiration on old scrapbooks. The feature will automatically add graphic artistic elements behind your photos to make them stand out more as if they were placed in an old-school scrapbook.

There will also be a new easy to use and effective collage maker that will allow users to bring together multiple photos and quickly make pretty and engaging collages.

As mentioned above, the Memories update is already rolling out to Google Photos users, which means it should be landing on your version of the app sometime soon.

In other recent Google news, many Google Chrome ad blockers may soon become redundant.

Patrick Devaney

Patrick Devaney

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