Halo VI: Return of the Spartan

Halo 5’s Forge was heralded as a groundbreaking addition to the Master Chief saga. It has given fans of the Halo series the chance to build their own levels to put each other through their paces. Since Forge’s release, we’ve seen some sick levels created. We’ve had the likes of “Elixir” by Sikamikanico set on the homeworld of the Covenant Elites, “Echoes” by Spirit in Black that takes its inspiration the levels of Halo: Combat Evolved, and even “Nautilus” by Ascend Hyperion that is set underwater!

We’re not here to talk about levels though. As well as levels, fans have also used Forge to recreate scenes and set pieces from some of the greatest pop culture ever. We’re here to celebrate some incredible work done by Reddit user u/NeomiCrystal.

NeomiCrystal has recreated the Sarlacc Pit from Return of Jedi, complete Jabba’s flying palace. We love it, and with a successor to Halo 5 announced at E3 maybe, just maybe, we are about to see Halo VI: Return of the Spartan.

If only this were real!
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