What the new iOS 17 would look like from the hand of Parker Ortolani

Parker Ortolani has designed a possible iOS 17 that would be even more customizable than iOS 16.

What the new iOS 17 would look like from the hand of Parker Ortolani


iOS 16 was released last September 2022. This version brought a lot of visual changes to the iPhone, many of them focused on the lock screen. But it didn’t stop there: widgets, the ability to edit and undo sending messages, mail improvements and more were also part of iOS 16. Now while we wait for the release of iOS 16.4, Parker Ortolani has decided to imagine what the future iOS 17 would look like, and it certainly looks pretty good.


Parker Ortolani, designer and product manager of The Verge and Polygon, published on his social networks how he sees iOS 17. Judging by the images, it seems that we would be facing a period of refinement rather than innovation. It is not something far-fetched to think, since rumors also bet on it. If customization was the leitmotif of iOS 16, in iOS 17 we could see this concept but taken further.

More customizable lock screen

Most likely, iOS 17 will add new ways to interact with the lock screen. Last year added the option to change the clock font, add widgets and even set different lock screens depending on the enabled focus mode. Parker conceptualizes with the ability to share your lock screen with other users and also to download new fonts for the system.

Live activity tracking and widgets within the home screen

iOS 16 introduced on the iPhone the new Live Activities feature. This allows us to have an active widget that shows us information and data in real time depending on the app being used. At the moment, Live Activities are only displayed on the lock screen, so iOS 17 could allow us to have a similar section but on our home screen.

New notification banners

Parker believes that iOS 17 could debut a new interface for notifications, one of the weakest aspects of the iPhone. Parker’s bet to improve the notification system is to use different variations of opacity. In this way, we could check at a glance the age of the notifications, for example.

Finally, the interaction with the Dynamic Island (present in the iPhone 14 Pro and future iPhone 15) would be taken to another level and become one of the most striking (and useful) aspects of Apple’s terminal.

Parker has done an amazing job with this iOS 17 concept and we’re sure many would like it to be the real thing. However, at the moment it is just that, a concept. At the moment, it seems that Apple is very focused on the development of its mixed reality headset, so it is to be expected that we won’t see major innovations in iOS 17. Would you like to see an iOS 17 like the one Parker imagines?



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