The Future Unveiled: Major Surprises Projected in the Next iPad Pro Iteration

The next computer from Apple will be the iPad Pro.

The Future Unveiled: Major Surprises Projected in the Next iPad Pro Iteration
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

The leaks and rumors surrounding Apple’s products are currently focused on the iPhone 15, which we expect in a week, but there’s room for more. Proof of this is that the latest edition of Bloomberg’s Power On newsletter has caught everyone’s attention with new details about an upcoming redesign of the iPad Pro. According to Mark Gurman’s report, 2024 will bring an iPad Pro that promises to innovate not only in its design but also in its technology. And that’s just the beginning.

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Since 2018, changes in the design of the iPad Pro have been minimal, and the evolution has focused on internal changes. The current aesthetic of the product has been maintained, and while there have been slight modifications since then, the essence has remained largely unchanged. Now, Gurman asserts that this streak is about to change with the arrival of the next generation of iPad Pro.

More screen, more brightness, and much more power

The new iPad Pro is expected to continue being composed of two models. One with an 11-inch screen and another which, although similar to the existing 12.9-inch one, will extend to 13 inches. This enlargement of the screen raises questions about whether Apple will choose to reduce the size of the bezels or if, on the contrary, it will decide to increase the overall size of the device.

The screen will not only be larger but also brighter and sharper. According to the Bloomberg reporter, Apple will make the transition to OLED technology. Currently, the 12.9-inch iPad features a mini-LED display, while the 11-inch one relies on the older LED backlighting technology. With the introduction of OLED, we can expect screens that reproduce colors with greater accuracy and are more vibrant in both sizes of the new iPad.

Inside these new devices, it is expected that we will find the M3 chip, which is anticipated to be unveiled later this year in Mac updates. While Apple is already working on the M5, and although this iPad is in the testing phase, model identifiers such as J717, J718, J720, and J721 have been revealed for these iPad Pro models.

A redesigned Magic Keyboard

The Magic Keyboard, launched in 2020, has been a revelation by bringing a more computer-like experience to the iPad. With a floating mechanism that holds the iPad above the keyboard, this accessory has brought great flexibility to the iPad, allowing for two distinct ways of working with it.

In that regard, Apple will go even further, as Gurman expects a renewed Magic Keyboard to “make the iPad Pro even more like a computer.” As far as we know, one of the main improvements will be a larger trackpad, as the current version is proportionally smaller compared to MacBook trackpads.

It remains to be seen whether this change is linked to a physical change in the size of the iPads or if a keyboard reorganization is sufficient for the increased trackpad size. A complete keyboard redesign is also not out of the question.

When will we see these changes?

The anticipation is palpable, undoubtedly, but to witness these changes, we will have to wait until “spring or early summer” of the upcoming year 2024. Bloomberg asserts that no updates are scheduled for these devices until that time.

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Clearly, 2024 promises to be a year of great significance for the iPad Pro. With a larger and brighter screen, enhanced internal power, and an even more functional Magic Keyboard, Apple seems determined to blur the lines between the iPad and a computer even further. These changes will undoubtedly mark a milestone in the history of the iPad Pro.

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