Fast X Countdown: Get Your Thrills with Jeepers Creepers’ Frightful Comeback

Ready for terror... in every sense of the word?

Fast X Countdown: Get Your Thrills with Jeepers Creepers’ Frightful Comeback
Juan Carlos Saloz

Juan Carlos Saloz

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Fast X, the tenth installment of Fast and Furious, is one of the most anticipated releases of the year. After delighting us with Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3, we have to wait one more week to go to the movies to see one of the biggest audiovisual spectacles of these 365 days. But, in the meantime, we can get our mouths watering with some very interesting releases.

Beyond the premieres of the platforms, which this week are somewhat weak but with some interesting new releases on Apple TV+ and Netflix, we go to the theaters to see what the distributors are releasing. And we can be in luck: we have some very interesting horror stories and some other fun proposals.

Jeepers Creepers: The Reborn

The most anticipated movie of the week is Jeepers Creepers: Reborn. It is the fourth film in the Jeepers Creepers horror saga, but also, as its name suggests, it is a kind of reboot that seeks to tell the same original story but from a modern point of view.

Called Jeepers Creepers: Reborn in its original language, this is the first film in the franchise not to be written or directed by Victor Salva. It is therefore an unofficial film, made without the authorization of the production company. But this has not prevented the film from being released, and in fact it has already been released in the United States.

Victor Salva’s involvement is no accident. The director was convicted for sexual abuse of minors and for possessing both videotapes and magazines that included child pornography. Thus, an attempt has been made to do a reboot without having the monster (more real than the one in the movies) behind it. The synopsis of Jeepers Creepers: The Reborn is as follows:

Forced to travel with her boyfriend, Laine begins to experience premonitions associated with the urban myth of The Creeper. Laine believes that something supernatural has been summoned, and that she is at the center of it all.

The film has had very bad reviews in its premiere worldwide, but is looking to make some box office among the Spanish B series. Undoubtedly, Jeepers Creepers seems to be a somewhat cursed saga, although in the case of this fourth installment things could change.

What else is coming out this week?

Jeepers Creepers: Reborn is not the only interesting release of the week. Also hitting theaters is Love Again, a romantic comedy directed by James C. Strouse and starring Priyanka Chopra (Citadel) whose synopsis is as follows:

What if a random text message led you to the love of your life? In this romantic comedy, faced with the loss of her fiancé, Mira Ray sends a series of romantic text messages to her old phone number…not realizing that the number had been reassigned to Rob Burns’ new work phone. Rob, a journalist, is captivated by the honesty of the texts. When he is assigned to write a profile of megastar Celine Dion, he enlists her help to find out how to meet Mira in person… and win her heart.

The other eagerly awaited release of the week is Walter Hill’s The Bounty Hunter, starring the titanic Christoph Waltz and Willem Dafoe. It is a western with great touches of suspense, and its synopsis is as follows:

Bounty hunter Max Borlund’s mission is to find Rachel Kidd, the wife of a millionaire businessman who has been kidnapped by the Buffalo Soldier named Elijah Jones.

Other releases being released this weekend include Neil Jordan’s Marlowe, starring Liam Neeson; the French animated film Patti and the Fury of Poseidon; the comedy Book Club: Now Italy starring Diane Keaton and Jane Fonda; and Alberto Armas Diaz’s horror comedy Slasher.

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