Managing Your Business: The Right Software Tools Make All The Difference!

Managing Your Business: The Right Software Tools Make All The Difference!

There are so many options for software tools to improve your life, from health and fitness apps to entertainment tools to social networking, but let’s take a closer look at some of the best business management tools:


Asana is a problem management product that lives online. With Asana, users can assign tasks to team members or themselves. All team members can access the tasks, comment on them, and update progress.

Blaze Desk

Take core management functions, integrate them in one module-based platform, and you’ll end up with Blaze Desk. In one place, your business can coordinate customer relationship management, inventory management, project management, customer support, vendor and client extranet access, invoicing, and cloud file management.


For wholesalers and retailers of completed goods, Brightpearl is cloud-based software that lets these companies manage the core of their businesses. With Brightpearl, inventory, customer data, accounting, ordering, and reporting are in one comprehensive retail management system.. Available features allow for realtime cash flow, inventory integration, profitability tracking, and customer analytics.


Need a freelancer for graphic design, WordPress page building, ebooks, writing, or other projects best done by a freelancer? With Fiverr, small-business owners can find talent for goods and services that start at $5.

Front Desk

This client management system is mobile-enabled and simple to install and use. Manage attendance, billing, scheduling, and more while you’re on the go.


Front-end operations, including sales, order placement, services, and project management are all in one place with Logicbox, which can be tailored to automate crucial functions.


Whether you have 10 or 100 employees, MINDBODY helps with employee scheduling, managing staff and students, creating e-commerce sites, and creating and deploying marketing campaigns.


This software helps improve billing management. NetSuite creates invoices and integrates billing with other tools, helping to reduce billing errors and boost customer service and retention.


Want to manage core business functions in one place? Cloud-based OfficeBooks integrates critical business management areas, including purchasing, inventory control, and sales orders.

Windward System Five

When you want to track and report on store transactions, Windward System Five is a great solution. Use it to coordinate store sales, taxes, gross profit, label and bar code printing, and stock management, all in one platform.

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