Microsoft Teams and Outlook crash: thousands of users try to access, but can't

Microsoft Teams and Outlook crash: thousands of users try to access, but can't
María López

María López

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Microsoft Teams is down. Those in Redmond are currently investigating a service interruption that has left thousands of users without access to their applications including Microsoft Teams and Outlook.

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For the moment, Microsoft has not communicated how many services have actually been affected, but thanks to Downdetector we have been able to find out more. The Downdetector website tracks the crashes that occur, thanks to its own sources and reports from users. The crash seems to have affected more Microsoft services, such as Microsoft 365 and Xbox Live.

The problems began in the early hours of the morning, when almost 4,000 Outlook and more than 1,400 Teams incidents were reported in the UK region. However, the problems have not been confined to the old continent: India and Japan are also part of the affected countries, with more than 3,900 incidents recorded with Teams in India alone.

During the problems, most users were disconnected and unable to use any of the functions of Microsoft Teams, one of the most affected services. In fact, Microsoft itself was aware of the situation and made it known through its official Twitter profile.

Moments later, the company confirmed that they had “identified a possible network problem”. As is often the case during outages, users flocked to social media to complain and #MicrosoftTeams became a trending topic.

Although it may not seem so serious, it is worth emphasizing that Microsoft Teams is used by more than 280 million people around the world. In addition, it has also become an essential tool for many companies, which today have seen their workflow affected by outages.

María López

María López

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