Mobile alternatives to Mario

Mobile alternatives to Mario

For as long as I can remember Nintendo has been synonymous with gaming. For an adult wanting to play games on the go, and not lug around an additional device, this made their aversion to making phone versions of their classic franchises particularly frustrating. Fortunately, they have finally acquiesced, and very soon the Japanese gaming giant’s first mobile titles are to hit app stores.

But, until then, there are loads of fantastic iOS and Android Mario-style games. Whether you are looking to play Super Mario Bros, Mario Kart, or Mario Party, here is our list of alternatives.

Super Mario Bros. = All three Rayman games

Ubisoft’s recent Rayman games are stuffed with a contagious sense of exuberance, with beautiful 2D animation and the toe-tapping music that fills you with joy. They encapsulate everything the Super Mario Bros. franchise means to me, at times even surpassing it.

The three mobile installments – Rayman Jungle Run (iOS|Android), Rayman Fiesta Run (iOS|Android), and Rayman Adventures (iOS|Android) – continue this trend. Their intelligent use of touch controls let you guide all of Rayman’s jumps, wall bounces, slides, kicks, and punches to keep the action fluid. This makes every level feel like a wonderfully satisfying sprint as you chain from one move into the next on your way to the goal.

Mario Kart = Sonic Racing Transformed (iOS|Android|Windows)

Need a not-Mario Kart, Mario Kart game? You would be hard pressed to find a better choice than Sonic Racing Transformed. Take control of one of Sega’s classic cast and their custom car, before starting to race around classic arcade game environments on your quest for the checkered flag. Whether you are racing Sonic himself around After Burner’s aircraft carriers or Space Channel 5’s Ulala around the world of Golden Axe, you can be sure of fast and intense action.

In an extra twist, Sega has brought to this formula the ability to transform your car into a boat or an aircraft by passing through rings on the course, allowing for different kinds of racing mid-track. Add some car combat, with a range of wacky power-ups, and you have a great racer for all ages.

Mario Party = Mucho Party (iOS|Android)

Playing with friends has always been core to the Nintendo experience, something Mario Party perfectly encapsulated. But here too, there is an amazing mobile alternative – Mucho Party. This mini-game collection removes any board game element, making things far more fast paced: think multiplayer WarioWare.

Mixing in shrunk down versions of classic gaming experiences like Track and Field, Soccer, Flappy Bird, and Breakout – Mucho Party’s responsive touch interface ensures that everything feels tight as you face-off against your friend on the same device. Layer into this a range of game modes that control how you move between each round, and you have a fun competitive experience that keeps you on your toes.

Can you think of any others? Let us know in the comments. See you next week.

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