New Malware targets WhatsApp

New Malware targets WhatsApp

A new piece of malware, called ‘Skygofree,’ is targeting mobiles and enables hackers to steal your encrypted WhatsApp messages. Researchers at Kaspersky Labs say that the malware has been around since 2014 and is capable of much more than just viewing your secret messages.

According to Kaspersky Skygofree can turn on your phones microphone, take photos, and even record videos from any infected device. The powerful malware is even able to track an infected device’s location, and then record audio at specified locations. If you’re not scared by this malware you should be.

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Fortunately, the mobile malware mostly affects older handsets and is easily guarded against so if you only install apps from trusted sources, like Google Play or Softonic, and you should be safe. If you’re running a more recent version of android then, even if your handset becomes infected, you should be protected from a number of the vulnerabilities mentioned earlier. Basically, update your phone if you can and be careful when you’re downloading apps and you should be ok.

Do you download your apps from trusted sources or have you ever downloaded something from a page you weren’t sure about?

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