Pizza Hut want to take us back to the future

Pizza Hut want to take us back to the future

The Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas always introduces us to some weird and wonderful inventions. This year is no different as we’ve seen the world’s first consumer sex robot and even a $16,0000 robot that’ll fold your laundry for you. Our favorite so far, however, is the collaboration between Toyota and Pizza Hut. They’ve given us a concept design for an autonomous van that’ll not only deliver pizzas but could also make them too.

The e-Palette marks exciting new directions for both Pizza Hut and Toyota. US Pizza Hut President Artie Starrs said:

“We are focused on technology-based solutions that enable our team members and drivers to deliver even better customer experiences… With Toyota, we are excited to be partnering with an undisputed leader in human mobility with a reputation for innovation, reliability and efficiency, as we define the pizza delivery experience of the future.”

Pizza Hut are looking to the future and feel that Toyota are the perfect partner to help them get there. For Toyota the e-Palette will not just be something that delivers pizzas. They say that each vehicle can reconfigured and repurposed in only 24 hours. Toyota also have plans for partnerships with other big names including Amazon and Uber. They hope to have an autonomous vehicle showcase at the 2020 Olympic Games in Tokyo, with American testing to start soon after.

The future is literally just around the corner then. Pizza Hut will begin recording delivery data from the human drivers this year in a bid to improve their algorithm before the e-palette hits the streets.

If this all seems a little familiar to you it might be because we’ve already seen this concept in action in the 4th series of Black Mirror. Obviously here is your spoiler alert but if you’ve already seen the episode in question you can check out the similarities below.

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