Safe Mobile Browsing and Online Privacy With ProtonVPN

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Mobile browsing has come a long way since the Nokia Communicator 9000. Today, we enjoy the power and speeds of 5G internet on our Android and iOS devices. Having the world wide web at our fingertips has made life a lot easier. Unfortunately, it also puts our privacy, personal information, and devices at risk of malicious attacks.

How do you stay safe while browsing the internet on your mobile device? You use a virtual private network (VPN), like ProtonVPN, to encrypt and protect your data.

What Is a VPN?

A VPN encrypts the data sent to or from your device over the internet. You expose personal information just by using your smartphone, ranging from your devices’ ID to your physical location. On public WiFi, especially open and unsecured networks, are particularly unsafe. Your emails, login credentials, and even banking information could be vulnerable and accessed without your consent. You may even encounter very real-looking malicious hotspots without realising the risk they pose.

ProtonVPN keeps that personal information safe by using encryption to scramble the data, making it useless to anyone intercepting it. It can also isolate and conceal your data from other people using a network.

In short, VPN servers act as a protective middleman to encrypt, disguise, and protect your data from malicious cyber activities. Additionally, you can unlock regionally restricted content on the internet, access streaming services, and even prevent your online activity from being tracked by third parties.

What You Should Look for in a Mobile VPN

If you’re looking for a reliable, robust VPN, there are a few features that you should consider. We’ve listed four critical elements that the service must include.

Proven Security Track Record

Security is one of the main reasons to install a VPN app on your mobile device, so it’s vital to consider these capabilities before choosing a provider. Location, laws, software, and hardware can all impact the quality of a provider’s services.

ProtonVPN is based in Switzerland, a country with stringent privacy laws, and was founded by CERN scientists and engineers. The VPN service keeps no logs, offers advanced protection with its hardened Secure Core servers, uses NetShield to block ads, and is compatible with TOR and streaming services. Additionally, as of February 2020, Proton applied full-disk encryption to all their VPN servers.

Most importantly, ProtonVPN became the first provider to open source all of their apps and have them audited by an independent security expert.

Global Server Availability

If a provider has only a few servers in a small number of countries, users are forced to share limited bandwidth. That impacts your overall experience, and you may not have access to the network when you need it. ProtonVPN boasts over 1,200 servers in 55 countries, giving users access to fast connection speeds from almost anywhere on earth.

Subscription Costs

Almost all VPN applications come with subscription costs, but it’s not enough to look at the paid plans. While ProtonVPN has highly affordable plans, it also offers an excellent and completely free plan.

Unlike other “free plans” that limit how much data you can use, bombard you with ads, or share your information with third parties, ProtonVPN’s free option imposes a few minor feature and device limitations. However, your information remains completely secure while you enjoy a safe online experience.

Connection Speed 

When you use a VPN, your data takes a detour through a remote server. Since the journey is a little longer, you may end up with slower connection speeds. ProtonVPN’s extensive network means there is always a server nearby (the closer a server is to your location, the faster your connection, the majority of its servers run on 10Gbps networks, and its users often report high speeds.


In today’s busy online world, it’s not easy to keep your data safe. However, a trustworthy, robust VPN can help you protect your Android and iOS devices from cyber dangers. With excellent security, global servers, high speeds, and low subscription costs, ProtonVPN is currently one of the top virtual private networks available for mobile.

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