Sant Jordi 2023 Goes Digital: How to Use Your iPhone to Join in the Fun

All Sant Jordi 2023 on our iPhone

Sant Jordi 2023 Goes Digital: How to Use Your iPhone to Join in the Fun
David Bernal Raspall

David Bernal Raspall

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Sant Jordi’s Day is one of the most important festivities in Catalonia and one that is also celebrated in other regions of Spain where St. George is the patron saint of the region or city.

Every year on April 23rd, the International Day of the Book and the Rose is celebrated. During this day, the streets are filled with stalls selling books and roses, turning cities into a sea of color and culture. An event to enjoy in person, but in which our iPhone also has a lot to say.

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Sant Jordi is an excellent opportunity to discover new works and authors. During this day, bookstores, both physical and virtual, are filled with books of all kinds and genres, from the latest literary novelties to the classics. Whether to follow the activities or to buy or give books, let’s see how to use our iPhone to follow the Sant Jordi of 2023.

How to follow Sant Jordi events

One of the most popular applications to follow the Sant Jordi in Catalonia is the official application of the Barcelona City Council: Barcelona a la butxaca, which we can download for free from the App Store. In the Agenda section the app will allow us to know all the relevant information about the festival, such as the places where the different activities will be held, the schedules of activities, concerts, etc. The app can also offer us directions to the locations and will help us to easily find places of interest, such as the most prominent bookstalls. Ideal, because Barcelona is getting ready for the biggest Sant Jordi in history.

Another way to follow Sant Jordi from our iPhone is through social networks. During this day, Twitter, Instagram and other social networks are filled with photos and messages about the festivity. If we want to keep up to date with everything that happens during Sant Jordi 2023, we can follow the official accounts of the Barcelona City Council, the authors invited to acts, and the media covering the event.

How to buy or give books as gifts from your iPhone

If, for whatever reason, we cannot attend the holiday as much as we would like, we have other options when it comes to buying books, either for ourselves or as gifts. If we are looking for something very specific, keep in mind that most bookstores have online stores, so we can buy the books we want from the comfort of our home. Something that, especially if we take into account that many bookstores offer special discounts during Sant Jordi, will allow us to be aware of the availability and get that special edition we are looking for.

Another option is to go directly to the Books app on our iPhone. There we can go to the Search tab to locate publications by title, author, genre, etc. In addition to buying or downloading the book we want, if it is a paid book, we can touch the small icon in the form of a gift to send it to someone.

All we have to do is enter the recipient’s email address, our name and a short congratulatory message. Then we can schedule the date when the gift will be sent. After tapping next we can choose the format of the gift card to send and then proceed to checkout. From here, Apple will take care of sending the book in question to whomever we want.

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From the official application of the Barcelona City Council to social networks, our iPhone helps us to follow all the relevant information about the festival and easily find places of interest in the city. In addition, if we prefer to buy the books directly from our iPhone, even if they are for gifts, we have the necessary options. All ready for Sant Jordi 2023.

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