Seven of the best apps you should have in 2016

Seven of the best apps you should have in 2016

It’s safe to say that 2015 was a fantastic year for apps, and 2016 will no doubt follow suit. With mobile technology becoming increasingly advanced, January is an exciting time to ponder on what the coming year may have in store for us. Until then, let’s take a look at what apps we think everyone should have on their phones this year.

Lipp (iOS|Android)

Last year, over 50 million of us couldn’t get enough of creating our own videos using the hit app Dubsmash, which, if you’re unfamiliar with the platform, allows you to record yourself miming along to the famous audio recordings from the world of music and video. This year may see the rise of Lipp – a similar interface that lets you create your own audio for thousands of iconic scenes and music videos.

Periscope (iOS|Android)

Created in 2015, Periscope allows you to explore every corner of the planet through the medium of live video streaming – think Instagram in real time, or a more visual version of Twitter. The app facilitates anyone with a smartphone to transmit their own broadcasts to their followers and to the world (privacy settings adjustable). The interactive map allows you to choose from the various videos currently being aired from locations around the world, but be warned, it gets extremely addictive.

Microsoft Selfie (iOS|Android)

Ideal for all you selfie king and queens out there who, let’s face it, are not going to upload just any old photo of yourself. This clever app not only takes your photo, but detects your age, skin tone and lighting, later offering you various options using corrective filters that bring out the best in you. It’s free, and will give you the floorless and blemish-free complexion your selfies deserve, meaning you’ll always look your best no matter what the day. Rumoured to be coming soon to Android.

Everypost (iOS|Android)

An excellent platform for all social media enthusiasts who struggle to manage their various channels, Everypost enables you to control all of them from one platform in the easiest way possible. This is a great option if you’re planning to focus on your personal branding through the medium of social media, and takes out the repetitive aspect of using all the different channels!

Peak (iOS|Android)

“Brain training” has been around for quite a while since the good old Nintendo DS days, and there are a wide variety of apps available on the market to keep your brain in shape. “Peak” is certainly one of the best currently out there,  and offers your daily dose of brain training through 30 dfiferent games which are not just scientifically proven, but effective and fun.

Psyche (iOS|Android)

From the creators of Heads Up!, Psyche is the a brilliant game for friends and family who each play on their own device. Each player is required to invent their own answer to various trivial questions, which are then put together with the correct answer. Players must try and bluff their peers into thinking their answer is the correct one.

Polarr (iOS|Android)

Polarr is an outstanding app for editing your photos (and we all know how many are out there), that has the simplicity of Instagram but the effectiveness of Photoshop. Although it takes a little while to get the hang of, the results can be astounding. The perfect companion for producing top-quality photography on the move.

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