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Shopping Safely with Avast Secure Browser

Shopping Safely with Avast Secure Browser
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With massive sales for the holiday season, more and more people are doing their holiday shopping online. Credit card information and account details float through the web from retailer to retailer, and sometimes, they don’t stay in secure hands. As the popularity of online shopping skyrockets, more and more people are slipping through these cracks in security, either by having their details slip into the wrong hands or in massive retailer data breaches.

In order to prevent your data from falling to unwanted places, some things you can try are:

  • Using a secure network
  • Using reputable websites that you know
  • Never using unofficial or alternative sites
  • Avoiding phishing scams
  • Using an adblocker
  • Comparing prices
  • Using a VPN service

While that might seem like a lot to remember, Avast’s cybersecurity experts and developers have put together a single service that can deliver all of this and more in a single package. Avast Secure Browser is packed with modern tools and elite built-in security services intended to make browsing the safest it can possibly be.

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New Avast Secure Browser features for improved security

This browser, developed by the known and trusted developers from Avast, aims to be the go-to choice for safe, quick, and secure internet browsing. And it includes all the tools required for the job.


Avast Secure Browser comes loaded with a reliable adblocker. Adblockers are commonplace nowadays, and you can get one for any browser. However, the Avast adblocker doesn’t just block pop-ups; it prevents them from opening altogether.

This stops ads from being loaded on any page that you visit, period. This will improve browser speed significantly and should keep you from accidentally clicking on any hidden windows that will take you to new pages, more often than not exposing you to malicious sites.


Aside from your own built-in adware shield, the browser also comes with anti-phishing software, blocking attempts from malicious sites to latch onto your connection and warning you before downloading any content from the web that could potentially be harmful.

Bank Mode

Avast Secure Browser also has a Bank Mode, which will create a virtual desktop that acts as a completely clean, fresh PC inside your real computer. This virtual desktop will create an entirely safe environment to browse and shop, free of any hidden scripts, keystroke loggers, or screenshot attempts from third-party software.

This feature is one of the most powerful anti-hacking tools for a browser to date, as scripts that can track and crack your account details are becoming more and more dangerous.

Built-in VPN

And, last but certainly not least is the built-in VPN with Avast Secure Browser PRO. Geographical barriers and regional blocks are a thing of the past with the high-speed, reliable VPN that Avast has included in the premium version of their browser. A VPN is possibly the single most important tool for maintaining your privacy online, and this browser delivers just that with excellent quality.

Avast Secure Browser

One of the advantages of using Avast’s VPN is that you can create a private internet connection that no one can trace, even if you’re using public wi-fi. Your IP address is hidden, and cookies won’t be able to track your behavior. It also protects your data from malicious attacks originating from unknown sources. Therefore, your device and files are protected no matter where you are, even when you’re working away from the office.

Another benefit is that you can use a VPN to access information only available in a specific country. You’ll connect to a server in that location, which then opens up sites usually unavailable in your region. It’s useful when you’re performing research on similar businesses with data and information you’d like to incorporate in your company.

Avast Secure Browser

Not only is it a smart investment for your security and safety, but also for your wallet. Regional prices can sometimes differ, such as for flights. The same flight might cost half as much if you buy it while connected to a network in France rather than one in the US. It’s a great way to stay secure and save money.

Special launch offer

Avast Secure Browser is launching with great offers backing it. It’s not just wise to get it for yourself now before the holiday shopping season. There are additional benefits as well. If you get Avast Secure Browser PRO now, you’ll get an extra -20% off of the annual and bi-annual plans.

While there are plenty of excellent browsers out there, such as Google Chrome and Opera, that offer a blend of security and speed, none manage to achieve the same level of thorough protection and state-of-the-art privacy measures that Avast Secure Browser delivers, both for its free and PRO version.

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