Spotify’s controversial new Terms and Conditions and other news in the Softonic Roundup

Spotify’s controversial new Terms and Conditions and other news in the Softonic Roundup

On this week’s Softonic Roundup we talk about Spotify’s controversial new Terms and Conditions, Google Maps’s photo service, and a few intriguing Android and iOS bits.

Our first story is about how Google Maps is to take on Foursquare with its new food photos service. That’s right, now if you take a picture of a tasty treat a prompt will appear asking if you would like to upload it to Google Maps, then ask for a review – slowly building picture of restaurants in the area. Source: Android Police

In iOS news, you can now sync your iPhone WhatsApp account with the web version of the service. True, this has been an option on Android for a while, but better late than never. Source: Whatsapp Blog

Android users may be pleased to hear that Google is to preload fewer apps on their devices, allowing you more space to fill up with photos of food. Unfortunately, phone manufacturers can still install whatever they like. Source: Android Central

In other Google news, the company’s plans to bring internet to the world continue a pace, with the release of an Infinix’s HOT 2 – a $90 mobile phone that will be sold in six African nations. Source: Engadget

Lastly this week, are Spotify’s controversial new Terms and Conditions. By agreeing to these you will be giving the company access to your photographs, videos, contacts, location, and voice commands. The reaction to this on social media has not been good, leading to the company CEO, Daniel Ek, posting an apology on the official blog. Source: Forbes

That’s if for this week, we will be back next week with more tech news.

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