Stranger Things Season 3 trailer promises malls and monsters

Ben Bowman


Are you ready to go back to Hawkins, Indiana? Today, Netflix dropped the new trailer for “Stranger Things” Season 3. And like its previous editions, it’s throwing off some major throwback vibes. Take a look.

Stranger Things mall

Let’s take a closer look at some of the standout shots from the trailer.

AntennaLooks like our heroes are channeling “E.T.” with this antenna rig. Whose home are they phoning here?

Mall aweIn the 80s and early 90s, walking into the mall always elicited this kind of reaction. You were either overjoyed or awestruck. Be adventurous and hit Spencer’s Gifts, girls. Maybe pick up something fun at K-B Toys or B. Dalton bookstore. Is it time for some new fashions from Montgomery Ward? Amazon hasn’t been invented yet! Live! Live for us!


TerminatorWhoa. Who’s this Terminator-lookin’ guy?

Terminator GuyLooks like the same Terminator knockoff is raising some hell…

SteampunkSome steampunk guy gets electrocuted in the coolest shot in the trailer.

Cary Elwes“Stranger Things” continues its tradition of showing love to 80s icons by introducing “Princess Bride” star Cary Elwes as the mayor. We approve.

MonsterAnd we can’t have “Stranger Things” without some kind of mutant from the Upside-Down.

The new season hits Netflix on July 4. You bring the popcorn, they’ll supply the fireworks.

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