The 3 best spy games

The 3 best spy games

It is Spy Game week here on Click-Swipe-Play, so our editors have been picking out their favorite games featuring espionage, infiltration, and suave style.

I actually won a fight with Danni for my pick. It was quite violent, and I think I managed to undo his bow tie. The game is Obsidian Entertainments action RPG, Alpha Protocol. True, it was technically a bit of a mess – with the game almost unfinishable if you didn’t correctly specialize your character – but that didn’t stop it being amazing fun.

What really sets it apart is the importance of its conversations. When picking any of the three or four dialogue options, you can completely change people opinion of you, letting you manipulate characters to your will. Just like a real spy.

With Alpha Protocol taken, Danni went back to the drawing board and came up with a real winner, The Operative: No One Lives Forever, starring Cate Archer, AKA the most incredible female secret agent in history. This FPS is a perfect spoof on the spy genre, specifically Roger Moore’s era of James Bond.

Cate comes ready with a whole range of comical gadgets and one liners to make her the perfect 70´s spy protagonist – taking the patriarchal stereotype of the spy persona and twisting it on its head. And the whole game works with her, so each villain is a wonderful pastiche on characters of the time – such as mimes, ninjas, and opera singers. The only downside is that both NOLF and its sequel are both lost in IP confusion, so they are both really hard to find – though we do have the multiplayer demo here.

Outside of Danni and I´s squabbling sat Maria, who happily selected The Saboteur as her spy game. This often overlooked open-world sandbox game was really interesting. This was in part because of how it handles its WW2 setting in the occupied city of Paris, but it was due to its use of color and art.

Playing as Sean Devlin, an Irish race-car driver who has allied himself with the French Resistance, you must infiltrate Nazi facilities, gather intelligence, and then blow to bits any strategically relevant structures. To do this you can climb, drive, and even use disguises to blend in with the military forces around you. Its great fun, that is made even more rewarding as the black-and-white Paris slowly filling with color and life as you reclaim it.

That it for this week´s Click-Swipe-Play, be sure to check with Softonic next week, or subscribe on YouTube, to make you catch our next top three.

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